Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Day of Silence

Friday is the Day of Silence. (Click that link for more info.) You don't talk at school/work/wherever. All day. You would be my favorite person ever if you did this. I'm doing it and from what it sounds like, half of my school is as well. Gay rights is really something that people should stand up for. Do it if you're straight or gay or trans or a unicorn.

Not cool, guys. Gotta stop the hate.
Very uncool still.
I think this needs to be fixed.
Pretty embarrassed to live in a state whose color means zero.
Come on, guys. Basic human rights. Stop the hate.

If you want to check out a cool website that is like FCKH8!, click on those words. Though as a warning, potty words. But I love it because it's amazing.

I know I have over one hundred and fifty followers now, so if any of you guys want to comment with your position on this and maybe say if you're going to do this, please do. I'll be commenting back. If you're a jerk, I'll be sure to delete your comment.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


So it would appear that I was supposed to do the A-Z challenge thing.

It would also appear that I was supposed to do Script Frenzy.

It's April seventh and I have done neither. I am deeply sorry.

I have lost all motivation for blogging and moving and doing anything except watching Star Driver and Code Geass.

My apologies, people who actually read my blog. Here's some awesome fanart of Star Driver that everyone should see.

 So right here, we have Takuto, Head and Sugata. They are fabulous. I love them.
 This is Fish Girl and Head. Fish Girl lives in a giant birdcage in Head's bedroom. Their couple name is Fish Head. I love them a lot. Like a lot.  Also Fish Girl sings THE PRETTIEST SONG EVER. Everyone listen to it, like right now.

 This is an internet thing. There are so many of these. Original is here.
 So this guy is in a coma and Mr. Doctorman decides to squish his feet and there's this long scene of him doing weird stuff to comaman and it is SCIENCE.
 Final shot of the entire series. Made me so happy.
So this is the TAUBURN ACTION FIGURE THING that I want and if my mommy's reading this, I want it.
 Peacock feathers and manliness.
 Star Driver gives great advice for bros, if any of you people out there are looking for some tips.
 Oh yeah. :D I love Fish Head.
Is there much to say about this one?

So, some of them might be too small to read, but if you clicky click on them, it'll make them bigger! Also everyone should watch this anime because it's the best thing EVER.