Friday, July 30, 2010

Zombies just want HUGS.

Zombie kitteh can has brainz.

When I asked my friends what I should blog about (since I'm totally out of ideas and stuff) one of them said the following:

"Different kinds of cheese.
The role of rainbows in our society.
500 ways to not die.
Zombies just want hugs.
And bacon."

Well, I know about cheese. I mean, I did a three minute oral report on cheese in fourth grade. I think I've got that down. The role of rainbows in our society. I'm not so sure what she meant by that. Does she mean literal rainbows or gay rainbows or something else entirely? The world may never know. Five hundred ways not to die. Well, I'm pretty sure I do a lot of them everyday. I may not list every single on of them, but I'll try my best to advise y'alls on a few. And I know all about zombies and them just wanting hugs. And bacon. Bacon is my specialty. I mean, my friends and I have developed 'sparkly vampire mating calls'. They involve bacon. Whenever there's nothing to say, I always end up saying 'BACON!'.

Alright. Above was just the little preview of what I'm going to be randoming about.

Cheese. Well, last weekend, I was at Nellie's boat and on our way home, we went to a place called Cheese Haven. Apparently it has over 150 different types of cheese. How cool is that? They also had about a BILLION different types of candies. Like, gummies shaped like a MILLION different things. And then all these different flavored Twizzler knock-offs which were totally a billion times better than actual Twizzlers. They also displayed more than a hundred different types of hot sauce. The names made me giggle, though I can't remember them now.

Rainbows. I think they're pretty sexy. They're all.... rainbow-y. I mean, there's little green men at the end with monies. How could you not love that?

Five hundred ways not to die. Well.... My only answer is to LIVE.

Zombies. I'm afraid I'll never survive the zombie apocalypse. I'm probably too much of a wimp to kill zombies. I'm not really self-sufficient. And I'm so easily freaked out I'll probably kill myself before the zombies can get to me.

Bacon. I don't know what to say about it since I want to go to bed. And also because I don't see the point of writing about something that totally speaks for itself.

I PROMISE I'll write a longer post tomorrow. I would tonight, but all my brain is telling me is to go to bed. So night.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another oil spill? Another pyschotic rage by yours truly.

These people really have to pull themselves together (Gosh it disturbs me to see you, Gaston, looking so down in the dumps.). Once they (for the most part) stop up the spill (which they could have stopped in the first few weeks or days by blowing it up) in the Gulf of Mexico, they have to start another one AROUND HERE. Augh. People are SUCH IDIOTS. Now there's a spill in the Kalamazoo River. Which leads to LAKE MICHIGAN. We're going to KILL EVERYTHING. But people are so confident that they'll be able to slow it down and stop it in time. But what about the fish and things in the river? What about the animals that use the river to drink from. They'll have to go thirsty and find another place to drink from or they'll drink oil and DIE.

For the past thirty or so minutes, I've been in this rage about all the oil spills and ice caps melting faster than previous years and general warmness and people being the opposite of energy efficient. Energy deficient?

We're killing everything. It's just a matter of time before the planet EXplodes from all this heat that we're creating with the pollutants or IMplodes from all the crap we're taking out of it so that it can EXplode. Complicated, right?

I don't know how much more I can (a)angst before I shrivel into a little Erin raisin. I've already (a)angsted to at least three friends, if not more, and the conversations lead to even more (a)angty topics, so I don't know what else to say now.

Enjoy those pictures. Don't worry, I cried too.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jelly, Pickles, Renaldo, Grover and Winnifred.

So I'm totally writing this play for this workshop with a friend person named Susan. It's a mini play, but it's still pretty epic. Since I'm lazy and I want to pass out soon (GOLLY, IT'S SO EARLY, HALP ME) I'm going to copy/paste the epic storyboard.

First, I'd like to introduce our five main characters.

Winnifred—Fabulous unicorn who has a birthday on the day that the play focuses on.

Renaldo—A BANISHED Prince thing. He's super cool and I'm going to try and convince Susan to have him wear an eye patch. Imagine that picture to the left but pink and on a guy. :D

Pickles—A (hopefully) PURPLE woodpecker who pecks Winnifred's head and starts everything off. Look at that picture to the right and imagine the black and orange parts PURPLE.

Grover—A hobo who becomes Renaldo's best friend. I'm not posting a picture because when I google imaged 'hobo' a picture of a really big spider popped up. So I'm not searching anything like that again.

Jelly—A sunflower who can walk and talk and stuff. She becomes Winnifred's best friend and stuff.

Okky, here's the epic storyboard (As of five minutes ago. It's subject to change.).

  • Winnifred and Renaldo talking, partying, etc. Pickles enters stage BLANK and pecks W's head. P exits stage OPPOSITE.
  • She's got a major headache so they stop and R searches for the nearest town for food, etc.
  • R meets Grover(I'm having second thoughts about his name. Maybe we should change it.) and is considering mugging him, but G helps him steal stuff.
  • They become BESTEST FRANDS.
  • R+G go back to where W is resting, munching on food on the way there.
  • W freaks out the R+G are such great friends and by this time, she's all better, so she gets pissed and runs off to be emo in a meadow.
  • W is in meadow, crying (mini-monologue for her?) when Jelly enters stage BLANK.
  • J asks what's wrong, W explains and mentions that her birthday is today and that R forgot. They talk for a little bit, and they become best friends as well.
  • J+W go to yell at R(and G) for being such BUTTS and for R forgetting her birthday.
  • When the find R+G they see them with party hats and a cake for W. They yell 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' and all is forgiven.
  • They ALL become best friends over cake and ride off into the sunset on W's back.
How sexy is that?

I'm way too tired to post anything else. Good golly, it's only a little past ten. I think I'll go eat and sleep now. GOODBYE, WORLD.

Monday, July 26, 2010

A memorial for Little Bear.

I'm taking time out of my day to blog about my weirdness or averageness as a child. I've been reminded of it several times over the course of today, so I have decided that the world wants me to blog about it.

Everyone's seen the signs right before you cross a bridge that say 'BRIDGE MAY BE ICY'. When I was first learning to read, I started reading all the signs to myself. I must have been six when I read one of those signs. My brain processed it as 'BRIDGE MAY BE ITCHY'. I started to get a little freaked out and I would hold my breath whenever we went on a bridge. In my mind, if the bridge got itchy, then the bridge would itch itself. I mean, that's common sense. But when I imagined the bridge itching, I would see two giant purple arms with pale green spikes coming out of them like a rose itching all the cars off of it. Thankfully, that never happened.

When I got my nails painted for the first time, I remember that my mom walked off saying 'I'll go get the nail polish.' and I replied by walking over to our cabinet where we kept art supply thingys, and I said 'I'll get the paintbrushes!' I don't know how I remember that, but it's locked into my brain.

In pre-school, I had two and a half best friends. Ava, Marci and the half was named.... Sam, I believe. He didn't completely count as a best friend for two reasons. One, he was a boy. Two, he didn't play Linkin Logs with me all the time. I used to bring my talking Little Bear stuffed animal in to pre-school with me (Now that I think about it, it was the freakiest thing ever). If you squeezed his hands, he'd say something like 'Hello! What are we going to do today?' and 'Let's go play!' 'Hooray!' 'I need a hug.' 'I'm your little bear.'. If you pressed his belly or sat on him or threw him, he'd laugh. The three (or sometimes four) of us would use blocks to build him a house. But one day, he wouldn't talk for a while. Turns out, his batteries just needed to be replaced, but I didn't know that. We built him a memorial with toys scattered around. And we buried him in blocks and we had a funeral and everyone came and cried with us. It was a very momentous occasion for me.

Now, slightly more recently, this part of my childhood takes place in late elementary school. My friends Caitlin, Kelsey and I (maybe there was another person or two who joined in. I can't remember.) played this game that we called '368 Worlds'.
I can't remember the exact plotline, I guess you could call it, but I do know that I pretended to be a girl named Samantha. Either her or her evil clone or twin or something. I was both, but I don't remember the other's name. And there was little portal or something that my people went through. I remember spending two recesses trying to get my evil person's entrance just perfect, and another one or two arguing about what should happen next.
There were 368 worlds in total and since either Kelsey or Caitlin's alter ego was a Princess or Queen or something, we could travel between all the worlds almost at will. I remember what one world was. It seemed to be loosely based off of Faerie World in neopets. At least, from what I can remember. It was the Princess/Queen's home planet and there was some kind of conflict with a King or a Prince or something. It was quite amazing. We kept it going for more than two school years. I really wish I could remember all of it.

I'd love to continue on and tell you all about my 'fabulous' fifth grade year, but I need my beauty rest, so I'll probably do that tomorrow. TOOODLES!

That first picture isn't mine. I found it on deviantart.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Why am I listening to Glee music while eating green Twizzlers and drinking Black Cherry Jones?

This is not a normal occurrence for me. My mom rarely buys me Twizzlers (Nellie's dad bought them on the way home from their boat. Which was really fun, by the way. Nellie and I went to Cedar Point.) and I only have Jones at school where I actually have a place nearby to buy it. And I never listen to Glee music unless I'm like... watching the show with Gigi (who is old and loves it).

Anyway, I totally slept on a freaking BOAT the last two nights. My brain still has not switched into land mode. My brain is all WHOOSH! SWAY! GO THAT WAY!. I keep on getting distracted and I keep looking at the ceiling and it looks like it's moving. And oh golly. It looks like there's a spider on my wall. Please excuse me to investigate and scream if my theory is correct. ... I was wrong. It was a remnant of Edweird's face.

In other news, my Snuggie is now clean. Yes, I have a WTF Blanket™. It's all pretty and zebra print. But I totally wish it were rainbow-y'd. It'd be much more fab that way.

Now that it's three hours later and I've procrastinated until one of my bracelets broke, my dad is threatening me about getting off before one. I almost want to stay up and find out, but I'm still exhausted (why is it that it never clicks in my head how to spell that word?) from the past few days even though I totally passed out when I got home.

Did I mention that I just made a forumspring? I've been peer-pressured into it. It's like a glorified version of Honesty Box (facebook thing) on its own website. I guess today's post will be shorter than normal since I'm short on time since my father is a butt.

Good night everyone, and may the Shwartz be with you.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Who sat at their computer for four and a half hours watching A Very Potter Sequel?

Oooh! Oooh! Choose me!

That had to be the best sequel I've ever seen. To anything. It would have been so amazing to have seen it live. Oh well, the internet is half as good. And they QUOTED AVATAR.
They did the whole scene on the Day of Black Sun where Zuko's talking to his father and stuff.

Draco: Tell me where my father is or I'll hex you!
Lucius: Blah blah, something about treachery.
Draco: So he's still alive?
Lucius: Perhaps... But know I know that banishment was far too merciful a punishment for her. YOURS SHALL BE MUCH STEEPER. -does wavy arms and eventually points his wand at Draco, but it totally looks like he's trying to lightningbend at first-

How much win is that? And there were at least two other references, one of them from a conversation between Sokka and Zuko. Someone says 'That's rough, buddy.' !! !! !! !! !!

And in the original Very Potter Musical, there were references like...

Ginny: We kissed at the Yule Ball and I thought we were going to be together, but we're not.

:D But I can't think of anymore. And it's late/early and everyone's asleep so I can't go back through the play to find it.

Did I mention that Umbridge played a large part in the play? She was played by Joe Walker, the same guy who did Voldemort in the first installment. The whole time, he was wearing a pink dress. It was beautiful. In the first one, he wore tights and a cape. Beautiful. :D In the end, Firenze and Umbridge end up hooking up for reasons I'll let you people find out when you watch it.

Draco finds his perfect girl. It totally works because they both wear diapers and can't really go potty very well.

I'm supposed to be going to Nellie's boat tomorrow and going to Cedar Point the next day, but I'm not sure if it'll all go according to plan because the weather is major suckage. It's all because of the Art Fairs.

I'm a bit too tired to write anymore, so I think I'll retire for the night. That, or stay up until the tornado watch is over and the storm with the scary thunder passes. (That's another one of my fears that I forgot to mention in the previous post.)

Enjoy this picture of Bill Kaulitz with bunny ears.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Golly, I never realized I had so many fears until I listed them all.

I've really been putting this off. I don't know what to blog about. Again.

I'm thinking I'm going to write about all of my mental and irrational fears. But that might take forever. This could be part one or something.
  • The dark.
I've always been afraid of the dark. I'm usually good in my room, but anywhere else I'll be turning on little lights or something. I think the reason I'm terrified of the dark is because it's all... dark. And you can't see the people coming in to kill you with your brother's baseball bat that they found in the garage when they broke in.
  • Heights.
I don't trust things. Machines, people, trees. I have panic attacks at the top of ferris wheels, I can't ride rollercoasters, (though mostly because I'm afraid I'll puke, which is another one of my fears.) and climbing trees has been scary recently. Probably because a few years ago I fell out of a tree and broke my arm.
  • Needles.
That's probably my biggest fear. I'll handle the other stuff if I absolutely have to, but I'll scream and cry like a baby if I'm near a needle that's trying to stab me. And I've been really freaked out recently because my mom wants me to get my blood drawn which is like... A BIG NEEDLE in my arm for like, FOREVER. D: Augh. Kill me now. And I'm even afraid of watching Gigi give herself her insulin shots. It's terrifying. I have to look away.
  • Spiders and bugs in general (besides Ladybugs, and Rolly Polies.)
They're all just so CREEPY and crawly and oh my god it's the most terrifying thing EVAR. The centipede things like to hide in my bathtub and I don't know where I'll find a spider next. I'm lucky to have a brother who can kill them for me.
  • People.
Like people at the store or the bank (oh gods, today my mom made me talk to the bank teller lady. IT WAS SO TRAUMATIC.) or people who randomly come up to you on the street and ask for directions. I never know what to say to those people. Oh, and people on the phone. For example, if I'm calling a friend and their parent or sibling picks up I totally freak out and sometimes I just hang up the phone.
  • Crying in public.
I don't even know why this is an issue for me because I hardly ever cry, but if I ever did it in a place that's not my room or when I get hurt, I totally am freaked out.
  • Getting sick in public.
Oh gods, I'm always so paranoid about that kinda thing. Like, if I feel the slightest bit dizzy, I'm all 'Okay, if I pass out, what would I hit?' or if my stomach hurts, I plan an excape route to a bathroom or a garbage can.
  • Scary/gory movies, and TV shows like CSI and hospital shows and icky stuff like that.
I don't even know if this counts as a fear, but I'm totally afraid of watching scary movies or anything because I totally freak out and hide in my room and not sleep. And if I see someone on TV who is getting stabbed by a needle, I freak out and start like, going mental. And if I watch hospitally shows, and they're talking about symptoms of this terrible disease or something, I'm running through my head and trying to figure out if I have any of them and I'm thinking that I'm going to die if I have more than two of them. I totally know that they're fake when it's a show where someone's hurt and all bleedy and stuff, but it's still so horribly real-looking.
  • Going somewhere at the wrong time or on the wrong day or forgetting to go somewhere and showing up late.
I'm always triple checking that I have the right day when I'm going somewhere because it's so awkward if I show up when I'm not supposed to. And going there on the wrong day leads to talking to people, which is another fear of mine. :D And if I show up late, everyone looks at me and whoever's talking totally is like 'Hello, Erin, why are you late?' and I have to run through my head and remember why I was late, but I end up standing there for a few seconds looking dumb before I say anything.
  • Saying hi to someone that you think you know but it ends up just being a random.
That is scary. It's talking to someone I don't know and it leads to an awkward silence and golly, all these fears are getting oddly specific.

I think I'm done for now because I have to get up early and I'm kinda tired. Toodles. Part two will probably be tomorrow if I have time.

Legend. Of. Freaking. Korra.

I'm planning on having a longer post later, but I have something that MUST BE SHARED NOW.

Do you know what that is? It's...... A NEW AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER SERIES.

Look at that picture. That's Korra. HOW AMAZING IS THAT? I've just had the biggest panic attack ever. I'm going to copy/paste the description of the show.

The Legend of Korra takes place 70 years after the events of Avatar: The Last Airbender and follows the adventures of the Avatar after Aang – a passionate, rebellious, and fearless teenaged girl from the Southern Water Tribe named Korra. With three of the four elements under her belt (Earth, Water, and Fire), Korra seeks to master the final element, Air. Her quest leads her to the epicenter of the modern “Avatar” world, Republic City – a metropolis that is fueled by steampunk technology. It is a virtual melting pot where benders and non-benders from all nations live and thrive. However, Korra discovers that Republic City is plagued by crime as well as a growing anti-bending revolution that threatens to rip it apart. Under the tutelage of Aang’s son, Tenzin, Korra begins her airbending training while dealing with the dangers at large.

That is all.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Post of random stuff because my brain can't concentrate on one thing at a time.

I'm pretty sure I haven't touched on how much I hate high school sports on this blog. Let me start out by saying the following:

I hate high school sport teams.

I was reminded of this tonight when I played soccer with two really good friends... and then some people who were on my soccer team for school. We exchanged a 'Hi.' and 'I like your new haircut.' and 'Nice pass.' but that was it. And these were what I considered the nicer of my old team. Just a warning, prepare for angst.

I've decided that I'm never playing sports for a school ever again. Mostly because your play time and acceptance is based on your popularity. I mean, when in high school isn't it? Except for my school. I'd like to think that my school is past all the popularity crap and everything. I think we are. But since I go to a school where there are no sports, my friend guilt-tripped me into trying out for soccer at her school. I mean, just to try out I had to pay thirty dollars. And when I realized that I hated it, I couldn't really back out because I had to pay another hundred and fifty.

That season, we had something like twenty games. That's a lot for a month and a half time period. Especially if you want to be able to practice and do homework and have a freaking life. (Hey, look. It's a picture of Bill Kaulitz. Because he's amazingly gorgeous. Did you know that he is the definition of androgynous and ambiguous? And he is the love of men.)

Maybe I'll just stop talking about how much I hate stuff and start talking about how BEAUTIFUL Bill Kaulitz is. In the past fifteen minutes I have been chatting with my ex-wifey about how beautiful he is and how we want to cry because he's prettier than most chicks. Gah. Why does he get to be soooooooooooo pretty? It's sooo unfair.

Why do I keep stopping typing to look at pictures of him? It's so depressing.

Now I've totally lost my train of thought and I'm not in the mood to rant about sports. What to type about?

Have you ever randomly nail polished your skin in cool patterns? Or random objects sitting near you? I always end up doing that during the summer. It's all 'OOH! Nail polish! Darn. My nails are already painted. Maybe I'll paint my leg or this conviently placed sticky note or maybe my cell phone.' That's totally my thought process.

Have I ever mentioned that at the beginning of summer when I cleaned my room I organized my book wall? I alphabetized it by title. It's so organized it's not even funny. And it hasn't fallen over yet. Which is amazing.

Augh, it's getting late and I have to get up early and I can't think of anything else to write about at the moment and I'm sleepy and hungry and augh.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Neopets is possibly the most addicting thing in the world.

I've totally been meaning to blog all day. I've promised myself I would try and do it everyday. I've made up a list of three reasons I put it off.
  1. I've been sorta kinda not really busy. And by busy I mean sitting in a classroom at ten in the morning listening to this guy drone on and on about passing other cars. And at three I drove a car. Which really shouldn't be happening because I'm not the kind of person who should be operating heavy machinery. You see that picture above? That's what will end up happening if I drive anymore. Oh, and I've also been eating waffles.
  2. I'm justifying this procrastination with the knowledge that I blogged late last night (which was the second time that day). So maybe technically based on that, I shouldn't have to do this.
  3. And third and the biggest issue. I've been playing neopets. It is one of the single most addicting websites ever created. It's like... getting kids warmed up to spend all of their free time playing World of Warcraft. Which I totally approve of, by the way. I've spent most of my time on a game playing a game called Faerie Cloud Racers. My keyboards hate me. Even if I switch them, it's all AUGH. So I've probably spent a half hour or more saying various pseudocurses under my breath. Have you ever played that game with a keyboard that's all delayed for a second? You. Can't. Win.
So those are my reasons. They're pitiful. I just thought of another reason. Because I've been running around my house, eating waffles and belting out Disney songs. Mostly Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. Y'know, cause it's all many and stuff. I mean. LOOK AT THESE LYRICS—

When I was a lad, I ate four dozen eggs every morning to help me get large! And now that I'm grown I eat FIVE dozen eggs so I'm roughly the size of a BARRGGGEEE!

Also, Let's Go Fly a Kite and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious because they get stuck in your head so easily. The best part of today was definitely when my brother and mother began singing along. Though my brother has decided to say 'No one brushes his teeth like GASPATCHO. And I keep trying to correct him, but he's stuck in his little world where he's right.

I think we should go back to the idea of me using heavy machinery. I am a failure. And should not be trusted on the open road to murder innocent villagers. On the other hand, I should be allowed to pillage and rape villages with my viking comrades like we have done before. See that viking hat? How gorgeous is that? I bet that baby rapes and pillages bunches of villages. I bet no one would expect that baby to be an evil viking pillager. But once he puts his hat on, BAM. He's not to be trifled with. I mean, look at that cute blanket. Who doesn't love that?

By the way, vikings are the sexiest things ever. Except viking babies. That's just creepy.

You see these pictures of cars running dogs over and in a tree and in/on a roof? That's what I'm going to end up doing. D: I don't know if it's even possible, but I'll manage. I think everyone should evacuate the roadways whenever I'll be driving. The only reason I haven't run over anyone/anything—WAIT. I did run over a dead raccoon because it was on the side of the road and there were cars halfway in my lane, so I had to move over. Augh. It was horrible.

I'm going to end up not being able to parallel park or back out of driveways without running into things behind me (like my mom) or I'm going to end up running over a family (like my grandmother). I think it might be best if I just stayed off the roads. My family history isn't that great. On the other hand, Gigi (my other grandmother) seems to be a pretty good driver other than honking when we're pulling into the garage. And my dad is... I dunno. He hasn't driven me places very often, and when he has, I don't see anything wrong. At least he hasn't run over a family.

I have a really strong urge right now to tie a orange cloth around my head, draw whisker-type things on my face and run around screaming 'I'M NARUTO. I'M A FREAKING NINJA.' I hope you don't find it weird that I've done that before.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

In other news, I am thoroughly freaked out.

Though that's not really saying much. I get freaked out about everything. The dark, spiders, storms, heights, the thought of people breaking into my house (WHAT IF THEY KILL ME?), war, oil spills, and more recently, the future.

I had told myself I wouldn't blog anymore today, just in case I run out of ideas some other day, but I think this post is of extreme urgency to my mental health. I find that I become less freaked out if I talk about it or something. So...

Everyone knows about how the Mayan calendar stops in December of 2012 when translated to present calendar-ness. Last year or the year before, I discovered this while chatting with a friend about how the world will end. I was all 'ZOMBIES' or something, and she was all 'ZOMG 2012'. I was all 'Wait. What?' and she linked me to this really scientific page about how the stars are all funky and the Mayan calendar and a bunch of stuff that I totally freaked out about. I went and shared my freak-out with my parents, and they pretty much laughed at me and told me it was all a myth and mumbo-jumbo. But I kept on searching it on google because when I'm freaked out, usually facts and more information on it set my mind at ease. Now, two(ish) years and a movie about it later, I'm planning on waking up on the twenty-first of December in 2012 and I'll be all BRING IT, WORLD. I think the stamp below explains my feelings. So I'm at peace with 2012 because people have hyped it up and now it just seems like a silly thing that some idiot at school made up to freak everyone out. You know what I'm talking about, right?

So, now that I've talked about 2012, I'm hoping that you know that that's not what I'm freaking out about. It's something kinda related in the end of the world kind of way.

I doubt many people really know about this, so I'm educating y'all.

So there was this lady who was born in the Ottoman Empire back in the day (1911). Her name was Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova, but she was more commonly known as Baba Vanga. When she was twelve, apparently she was in a really bad storm and was picked up by either a tornado or really strong wind. She was found (alive) pretty far away, and she had sand in her eyes which blinded her.

After that, she began predicting things (WHICH IS TOTALLY WHAT IS FREAKING ME OUT) which includes the 'End of the World' and her eventual death. She predicted 9/11 and the sinking of a Russian sub ten and twenty years in advance.

In 1989, Baba Vanga said the following:
"Horror, horror! The American brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel birds. The wolves will be howling in a bush, and innocent blood will be gushing."
People have interpreted this by taking 'American brethren' to mean the Twin Towers, since they are American and technically brothers (twins). Steel birds are obviously planes, and Bush literally means George Bush. HOW FREAKING SCARY IS THAT?

In 1980 she said:
"At the turn of the century, in August of 1999 or 2000, Kursk will be covered with water, and the whole world will be weeping over it."
Kursk was the name of a Russian city as well a submarine named after the city. In August of 2000, the sub sunk. How freaky is that?

And she's predicted a bunch of other things that will happen in the future. That's totally what's giving me a panic attack now. Prepare for a long list.

  • 2010-World War III begins in November and it turns into a nuclear war.
  • 2011- The entire Northern Hemisphere is destroyed and lifeless for the most part because of radioactive showers.
  • 2014- As a result of all the radioactiveness of the world, most of the population will have skin cancer and other various disease of that sort.
  • 2016- Europe has close to no people living there.
  • 2018-China becomes new world superpower.
  • 2023- Earth's orbit will change.
  • 2025- Europe continues to be underpopulated.
  • 2028- New energy source is found, flight to Venus will depart, hunger is ended.
  • 2033- Sea levels rise because of melting ice caps.
  • 2043- Economy is getting better and better, Muslims run Europe.
  • 2046- Organs can be reproduced and is the new cure for most diseases.
  • 2066- U.S. uses climate changing weapon on Muslims, centered in Rome.
  • 2076- Communism.
  • 2084- Nature rebuilds itself from all the uckness.
  • 2088- New disease that ages you really quickly.
  • 2097- Aging disease cured.
  • 2100-Artificial sun is created to light the dark side of Earth.
  • 2111- People become robots(?) Does that mean... cyborgs? YES.
  • 2123- Small wars between small countries. No one intervenes.
  • 2125- Signals from aliens recived in Hungary. Baba Vanga is remembered because it is said she could communicate with the aliens.
  • 2130- Aliens teach us how to live underwater; civilizations there are created.
  • 2164- Animals become human hybrids. (Uhm, bestiality?)
  • 2167- New major religion.
  • 2170- Big drought.
  • 2183- A colony on Mars gets independence through threatening with nuclear weapons.
  • 2187- Big volcanic eruptions will be stopped.
  • 2195- Underwater places will have their own energy and food.
  • 2196- New race from mixing of the races.
  • 2201- Gets colder because sun begins to shut down.
  • 2221- While searching for more aliens, we'll come across something terrible. (Like what? Death-aliens?)
  • 2256- Space ship transfers a disease to Earth.
  • 2262- Planets begin to shift orbits and Mars might get hit by a comet.
  • 2271- Laws of Physics are changed. (How is that even possible?)
  • 2273- Only one race from all the mixing.
  • 2279- 'Power obtained from nothing'. People think that means a black hole or some kind of vacuum.
  • 2288- Time travel? Alien contact? (Didn't that already happen? Or another kind of aliens?)
  • 2291- Sun continues to cool. People try to stop it.
  • 2296- Big explosions in the sun, gravity gets screwed up.
  • 2299- A France rebellion against the Muslims.
  • 2302- Secrets and laws of space and the universe are revealed.
  • 2304- Secrets of the moon revealed?
  • 2341- Something bad will come at Earth from space. (I KNEW THAT DREAM THAT I HAD A WEEK AGO MEANT SOMETHING.)
  • 2354- Screw up with artificial sun(s)? creates a drought.
  • 2371- World hunger. (Golly, it's not like that's ever happened before.)
  • 2378- New fast-growing race. (Like a human race or what?)
  • 2480- Artificial suns will hit each other and the Earth is all dark and stuff.
  • 3005- War on Mars changes orbit.
  • 3010- Comet hits the moon, destroying it.
  • 3797- Everything on Earth is dead, but we're advanced enough to move somewhere else.
  • 3803- New planet has only a few people on it. Communications between people on different planets is rare. Mutations because of new planets.
  • 3805- Battle of resources, half of people die out.
  • 3815- War ends.
  • 3854- Development stops. People become savages.
  • 3871- A prophet tells people of morals and religion.
  • 3874- Prophet is accepted by everyone, and a new religion is created.
  • 3878- Church re-teaches forgotten sciences.
  • 4302- New cities growing, new religion promotes advances in technology and other things of that nature. Scientists figure out something about diseases and behaviors.
  • 4304- Discovers a way to battle any disease.
  • 4308- Because of mutations, people can use their brains at a 34% capacity. People forget what hate and evil is.
  • 4509- Man can communicate with 'god'.
  • 4599- Immortality is achieved.
  • 4674- Development peaks, 340 billion people on several different planets. Begin to understand and befriend aliens.
  • 5076- A boundary universe? (Did they discover that our universe is one or it becomes one or what?)
  • 5078- People decide to leave the boundaries, though a bunch of people are against it.

  • 5079-The end of the world.


Isn't that freaky? -rant rant rant- Good gods, I'm going to die. We're all going to die. Augh. HELP ME. Someone put my in a straight jacket and in a room with padded walls. I think that will help.

Rosenplantz and Guildenfern are dead.

I really don't know how people post such long and in-depth bloggy things. I always get an idea and I'm like OOOH! I COULD WRITE AN ENTIRE POST ABOUT THAT but then after I write it, I realize that it's no more than three paragraphs.

I think I have resolved to spice up my posts with pictures (either ones that I've taken or googles found for me). For example, this picture is the first thing that pops up if you search google images for 'picture'. I really hope that there's no 'moderator kitteh' that disapproves my submishinz.

Have I ever mentioned how much lolcats and other various icanhascheezburger? things bother me? Who says that cats can't spell? Who says that they have sucky grammar? What about dogs? Dogs are worse than those cats at spelling. Dogs probably have the spelling accuracy similar to a common teenager. For example, most teenagers (and it's becoming surprisingly common for me to see adults typing like this) communicate in weird ways: 'lol do u want 2 go 2 tha mall l8er 2day?/? we can go 2 hollister & by sum gross perfume tht i only lyk bcuz its wats cool'. I would totally go to loldogs if someone had that. Maybe I'll google it and see if there is one. OH MY GODS. There is. It's called ihasahotdog dot com. Now this site, I approve of. It's comedy gold.

If you want an entertaining site with quality pictures of that sort, try lolplants. It's even better than ihasahotdog dot com; it's plant humor. What's better than that? I don't even remember how I came across the site, but it makes me laugh a billion times more than lolcats ever will. Please invest some time in checking that out. I mean seriously. Look at that. It's like... Shakespeare humor and plant humor all in one. Can't beat that, can you? :D

Now I'm all out of things to say. See? I've written four paragraphs if you include my weird opening one and I have nothing else to say. Augh.

Maybe I should comment on my most recent Transitive Property of Logic Fail (see You Fail Logic Forever). I was watching the fifth Harry Potter movie with my brother. Dumbledore and Voldy were dueling epicly. So I decided that when Voldy breathed (is that the right word there? It doesn't seem like it.) fire, that made him Uncle Iroh from Avatar since he can breath fire epicly as well. So, in the format of that Fail!Penguin... Voldemort can breathe fire. Iroh can breathe fire. Therefore, Voldemort is Iroh (and a firebender by default). Logic: another thing that Erin isn't very good at.

I think that's all I got for today. I can't think of anything else, so I'm going to sign this post off with a demotivator.

No I haven't, but here's a deathmelon.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Review: The Last Failbender

So I'm trying to write this blog post, right? But there's a book in my lap that's forty pages away from being finished. So I've decided that since I promised myself to blog (and I've looked down while writing the past three sentences exactly four times—wait, five) I'm going to just be lazy and copy/paste this fab review of a movie that I wrote.

If you didn't know, I'm the biggest Avatard ever. If you're all :O lolwat and confused about what that is, it means that I'm a super-mega-epic fangirl of Avatar: The Last Airbender. But not the movie. Get that straight. For anyone who hasn't seen the show, WATCH IT in its entirety (or at least the first season) before going to see the movie. It will brainwash you with LIESSSS.

So.... here's my review!

I think I should start this review by saying that this movie sucks. If I were a real reviewer person and gave it stars, I would give it a 0/5. Is that even legal? I don't think I've ever seen a review, no matter how crappy, that gave the movie a 0.

First, I'll touch on the character names.
~Aang is pronounced like AH-ng.
~Iroh like EAR-ro.
~Sokka like SOH-ka.
And the two worst things of all....
~'Avatar' with a long a, like AAAAAAAAH-va-tar
~Agni Kai like 'Agni Key'.

Now that I've touched on pronunciation, let's go to other things. More specifically, plot and lack thereof.

I'll make it simple and go through a list of episodes from the first season and comment on how it was in the movie.... Er.. possibly more often on how it wasn't.
~Boy in the Iceberg They changed it up a little bit, but this was probably the closest to the series as you can get. I mean, it doesn't get much simpler than a boy in an iceberg. Except there was no fire navy ship that they explored and there was no flare-type thingy.

~The Avatar Returns The flare didn't make Zuko go there. He randomly decided to raid them. Lame, lame, lameness. Gran Gran is really awkward and stuff as well as Zuko. Oh, did I mention that there were a bunch of BOYS there? Wasn't Sokka supposed to be the oldest guy at the South Pole? Yeah. Sokka and Katara still don't know he's the Avatar until the end of this 'episode'.

~The Southern Air Temple Pretty much like in the series to start out. No statues, barely goes Avatar state when he sees Gyatso's bones. He has this weird vision while in the Avatar state from this lame dragon thing that totally replaces Roku and later on, Koh.

~Warriors of Kyoshi Completely non-existent. You'll see a statue of Kyoshi in a later 'episode', but that's the only thing you get from this episode. No Unagi, no Elephant Koi.

~King of Omashu Yet again, non-existent. I don't know how this will work because Bumi's a big part at the beginning of the second season (an issue they'll run into if they decide(OH GODS NO) to make a second movie.) and kind of in the finale. And without having to go see Bumi at the beginning of the second season, there's no Cave of Two Lovers (more commonly known as Sokka and the Stoned Hippies).

~Imprisoned Probably the most featured episode in the movie (y'know, besides the stuff at the North Pole). It has what looks to be Haru (he does what he does in the show, but looks only six or seven years old) and sort of the earthbender rig. But it's not a boat thing they're on. It's just a city/village that had been taken over by the Fire Nation. In this 'episode' of the movie, there's the statue of Kyoshi that I mentioned earlier along with probably the only thing mentioned from The Waterbending Scroll (I'll touch on that later, when I get to that episode). It's in this 'episode' that they decide 'oh, we should help out Earth Kingdom towns on the way to the North Pole.' But that never REALLY happens in the show. They just happen to stop places and help them out. None of which are even mentioned.

~Winter Solstice Parts 1&2 Nothing. Nada. Zip. I'm pretty sure that they don't even MENTION Sozin's Comet. I really wanted to see how they'd do Hei Bai.

~The Waterbending Scroll Only thing recognized from this episode was during the little Imprisoned section where, once they rid the village of the Fire Nation, someone hands them a stolen waterbending scroll from a cabinet. Lame.

~Jet Yet again, nothing. He's a big part of the middle section of the second season. Another issue they'll come across when/if(-shudders-) they make another movie.

~The Great Divide Nothing, but I don't really have an issue with that since it was just a filler. Probably the only thing I didn't have a problem with.

~The Storm Unless you count the little bit of backstory they give us along the way, there's nothing from this episode there. But I don't have much of an issue because it doesn't really move the plot along so much, just a bunch of back.

~The Blue Spirit Where it was placed was so awkward. It was after Aang went to the Northern Air temple (oh good golly, I'll rant about that when the episode pops up on the list). The fighting in the movie from this episode was actually pretty decent. Mostly Zuko's, though. But his Blue Spirit costume was just plain... weird. In the movie, they were supposedly trying to replicate the original mask, but with a bit more Asian authenticity. So they added this creepy hair stuff. Sadly, the movie contained no frogs. And as soon as Zuko was waking up after being knocked out, Aang ran away, without even saying a line that is crucial to the third season. I can't remember the exact quote at the moment, but it's something about how Aang had friends all over the world and in a different time, they could have been friends. Zuko quotes him on that in the third season.(Good golly, that's long for just one episode.)

~The Fortune Teller Nothing from this episode mentioned in it. I wouldn't mind so much if there wasn't that foreshadow-type thing in the show where Aunt Wu tells Katara that she's going to marry a powerful bender, and then Sokka's all 'Sometimes I forget what a powerful bender that kid is.' And Katara is all LOLWAT. They should have included that in the movie.

~Bato of the Water Tribe Nothing. I really would have liked to see Jun and her Shirshou, Nyla. And Katara and Sokka's trust in Aang needed to be questioned.

~The Deserter NO.THING. It's totally important because Aang firebends for the first time and he burns Katara and Katara discovers her healing abilities. And we learn some backstory on Zhao. Speaking of healing abilities, nothing of that is mentioned at all.

~The Northern Air Temple Ugh. This was BO.GUS. No Teo, no Mechanist, not a freaking THING. There were statues that were supposed to be in the Southern temple. And then this random Earth Kingdom villager pops up (he's the only one there. I totally thought he was the Guru at first. But that's second season. It was the only possible explanation at first.) and backstabs him and it turns into the Blue Spirit. Out of order much?

~The Waterbending Master Nothing. There were billions (obviously an exaggeration) of girl waterbenders and there was nothing about healing. Master Poophead barely spoke and wasn't poopheadish. Apparently Arnook (chief of the Northern Tribe) was dead, and Yue was in charge, kind of along with Pakku.

~Siege of the North Parts 1&2 Longest part of the entire movie, I swear. I was just like 'please, be over already, it's taking too long'. Yue wasn't engaged, Sokka volunteers to be her guard thing. When Zhao put the fish in the bag, the moon didn't turn red. It was normal. And then when he killed it, it turned red. For people who don't know, in the show, it turned red when it was in the bag and disappeared when he killed it. Yue died before Aang went all KOIZILLA (also known as Avatar State super enhanced by the ocean spirit). Actually, there WAS no koizilla. He just went lame-o Avatar State and picked up the water really dramatically, and dropped it super gently. And then the Fire Nation retreated. When Zhao died, it was a team of waterbenders who drowned him while he was floating in the air in a bubble of water. And they dropped him several seconds later. You know what I said to my friends when that happened? "Did Zhao just.... die?" one of them replied, "You know, it was really unclear." And I was so serious. I don't think one of my friends even realized that we were quoting. Zuko didn't drag Aang to the cave place, he just pulled him into a random side room.

Good gods. That's a LOT of ranting.

Next on our agenda we have my analysis of characters. And then I think I'll stop because it's FOUR IN THE FORKING MORNING AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHY IN HECK I'M WRITING THIS SO EARLY. (Of course I posted this days after I wrote it, but I kinda like that last sentence. It adds charm.)

If I don't mention a character it's either because I forgot or they weren't in it.

~Aang: His tattoos sucked, he looked nine years old, outfit was lame. Almost had this weird accent that I couldn't pinpoint.

~Katara: Wasn't overly emotional, didn't have hair loopies, wasn't that... Kataraish.

~Sokka: Not funny at all. I couldn't tell if what he was holding was a boomerang. Hair was really.... not wolf-tailish.

~Gran Gran: Was called 'Grandma'. Actually pretty cool otherwise. Mentioned Hama, gave them a map and some backstory.

~Zuko: No ponytail, insanely sucky scar. Not angsty enough.

~Iroh: Not fat. Mentions tea once. Is shown drinking tea only once or twice. Not as jolly. Has this obsession with girls.

~Zhao: No sideburns. ALMOST evil enough.

~Ozai: I was surprised he was even in it. Definitely not evil enough in the slightest. Almost seemed to care for Zuko.

~Appa: Terrible CGI. Looked terrifying close-up and made the WEIRDEST noises.

~Momo: Was never named. Aang called him a 'flying lemur bat'. Name weird noises as well.

~Yue: Probably one of the most accurate characters. She looked exactly like the character and acted just like her. The only character I really liked.

I can't remember any more.

Well, that was my lovely review that I wrote a week or two ago between the hours of two and four in the morning. I always spew out the most random things at the fabulous hours of the morning. I was totally going to put pictures of the actors in it, but all I can find is Fail!Aang and Fail!Katara. And some angsty pictures of Zuko with a NOT VISIBLE SCAR. :P

I had something else in mind to write about, but I totally forgot about it. Puh. Maybe I'll just have a bunch of fab fanart. ENJOY! (By the way, these pictures are totally not mine, I just found them on deviantart.)

Yes, ZuZu, you can has Avatar.


If you don't get the reference, it's making fun of Mr. Crocker from The Fairly Odd Parents, another show on Nick.

This one's a reference to Lilo and Stitch. How cute is that?

Zuko and Sokka are so goffik. Geddit, cuz im goffik? (Reference to My Immortal, WORST FANFIC EVER. But so fun to read. 'Loopin was masticating to it!' Check it out.)


Zuko being all happy and not aangsty.

YES! SO MUCH WIN. Suko forever. :D:D:D

And then.... last but not least....


That's all for now, folks.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Golly. This is my first post. I was inspired to start a new blog and continue my sagging dreams of becoming a bloggist? blogger? (I think I'll go with bloggist. It sounds way cooler.) with a bunch of people that read this. I doubt that'll happen, but hey, a girl can dream, right?

I'm sure this blog will be forgotten about in a few weeks or when school starts and I don't have time or anything cool to write about. But here's to keeping my dream alive.

I should probably start off (well, it's a little too late to start off, but whatever) this post with explaining how the forking heck I got the name of this blog. It's quite simple, actually, if you'll just read this next paragraphy thing. They're not really paragraphs, though, since they're not indented. But each pseudo-paragraph is indicated by a fabulous little space inbetween each clunk o' wordies. It might be more than one clunk.

So in my sciencey class, we had to make a map/chart/whatever you want to call it of the layers of the atmosphere. It had to include things that are in each layer. Did you know that airplanes fly in the Stratosphere? That's like... ten kilometers up. And so on our map/chart/whatever you want to call it thing, we decided that we needed something extremely bad-arse to represent a plane. At first we were thinking 'HMM. J.J. THE JETPLANE. HE'S PRETTY SEXOY.' but then we realized that young J.J. the Jetplane was not sexoy at all. We thought harder. Maybe it would be sexoy if he was a teenage jetplane! And rebellious too! So we drew a rebellious teenage jetplane. He had sunglasses and he was purple with green windows (which makes me realize now that we were idiots, since I think he was red).

And that's the story of J.J. the Rebellious Teenage Jetplane. I'm sure I'll be telling it to my grandchildren when I'm old and frail and still (hopefully) blogging on this bloggy and I'm totally famous.

Just to clarify, my name's not anything related to Willy Wonka or Jetplanes. It's Erin.

I think that since this is the first post, I should give a little intro about all my friendies since I call them pretty weird things.

I'll start with my 'family'.

Ex-wifey(or any variation on the word 'wife'), Wuffles, Libby, Mother of my children. If you hear any of those names, I'm talking about Libby. She used to be my wife, but I divorced her a few days ago (and I can't seem to remember why). We got married in Vegas (by the way, I'm so serious about Vegas. Ask any of our children and they're vouch for me) at the end of November of 2009. And our marriage ended so tragically four days ago (if you count me writing this at 2:30 in the freaking morning as the fourth day).

Turnip, Molly, Molly-wobbles, Jew(I promise I'm not racist!), Son. She'll most likely be called Turnip. Sometimes I forget what her real name is. It's a long story about her being named Turnip, so maybe I'll have that in the next post or in the near future. She's the brain-child of ex-wifey, but she's my son as well. SO I SHOULD GET AT LEAST HALF OF HER NOW THAT WE'RE DIVORCED.

Bethy-kun, Bethy, Bethany, Radish, The Other Asian. Bethy-kun is, as you can tell, AN ASIAN. And she's really cute when she's not pissed off. She makes funny noises and is another brain-child of ex-wifey. I WANT HALF OF HER.

The Asian(again, not racist. He doesn't mind being called that.), Nathanael, Daughter. He's the one with three names. It's not our fault, it's just that he was never around when we came up with fabulous names for people. Stupid Asian. Brain-child of my ex-wifey, and she said that I could keep him but he refused and I feel unloved by my children.

The last person is someone who is not part of my family. :D

Ellie!, Nellie, Nellie the Heartless, etc. Ellie is a fab person who is mental and hates trolls like Tara Gilbsie, (I have no idea about her last name) the chick who wrote My Immortal, the infamous Harry Potter fanfic starring Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way. She's fab and weird and is in love with Jack Spicer from Xiaolin Showdown, a cartoon.

I don't know what else to write about.

Maybe I should say that I'm NOT crazy, if I do seem like it. I am a paranoid person with a lot of random, irrational fears. My room is the sexiest place ever because it has xmas lights and lighting up Chinese-type lanterns and the coolest posters you will ever see (some of the ninja, face, zombie, Harry Potter, Star Wars, iPod, ravioli, Obama, Gir, and various music people variety.) I think what's on those posters says a lot about me and I don't really need to say any more for you to guess what kind of person I am.

It's 2:44:35 in the freaking morning as I'm writing this and I should be sleeping because I'm being forced against my will (almost a little redundant, don'tcha think? It's needed) to wake up at eight or something (which, by the way is in like, five hours) and swim at a freaking swim meet for a team I'm not even on. Golly. I quit that team so I could stay up late and type and sleep in.

Goodbye my lovely few people who will read this.