Friday, July 23, 2010

Who sat at their computer for four and a half hours watching A Very Potter Sequel?

Oooh! Oooh! Choose me!

That had to be the best sequel I've ever seen. To anything. It would have been so amazing to have seen it live. Oh well, the internet is half as good. And they QUOTED AVATAR.
They did the whole scene on the Day of Black Sun where Zuko's talking to his father and stuff.

Draco: Tell me where my father is or I'll hex you!
Lucius: Blah blah, something about treachery.
Draco: So he's still alive?
Lucius: Perhaps... But know I know that banishment was far too merciful a punishment for her. YOURS SHALL BE MUCH STEEPER. -does wavy arms and eventually points his wand at Draco, but it totally looks like he's trying to lightningbend at first-

How much win is that? And there were at least two other references, one of them from a conversation between Sokka and Zuko. Someone says 'That's rough, buddy.' !! !! !! !! !!

And in the original Very Potter Musical, there were references like...

Ginny: We kissed at the Yule Ball and I thought we were going to be together, but we're not.

:D But I can't think of anymore. And it's late/early and everyone's asleep so I can't go back through the play to find it.

Did I mention that Umbridge played a large part in the play? She was played by Joe Walker, the same guy who did Voldemort in the first installment. The whole time, he was wearing a pink dress. It was beautiful. In the first one, he wore tights and a cape. Beautiful. :D In the end, Firenze and Umbridge end up hooking up for reasons I'll let you people find out when you watch it.

Draco finds his perfect girl. It totally works because they both wear diapers and can't really go potty very well.

I'm supposed to be going to Nellie's boat tomorrow and going to Cedar Point the next day, but I'm not sure if it'll all go according to plan because the weather is major suckage. It's all because of the Art Fairs.

I'm a bit too tired to write anymore, so I think I'll retire for the night. That, or stay up until the tornado watch is over and the storm with the scary thunder passes. (That's another one of my fears that I forgot to mention in the previous post.)

Enjoy this picture of Bill Kaulitz with bunny ears.

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