Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rosenplantz and Guildenfern are dead.

I really don't know how people post such long and in-depth bloggy things. I always get an idea and I'm like OOOH! I COULD WRITE AN ENTIRE POST ABOUT THAT but then after I write it, I realize that it's no more than three paragraphs.

I think I have resolved to spice up my posts with pictures (either ones that I've taken or googles found for me). For example, this picture is the first thing that pops up if you search google images for 'picture'. I really hope that there's no 'moderator kitteh' that disapproves my submishinz.

Have I ever mentioned how much lolcats and other various icanhascheezburger? things bother me? Who says that cats can't spell? Who says that they have sucky grammar? What about dogs? Dogs are worse than those cats at spelling. Dogs probably have the spelling accuracy similar to a common teenager. For example, most teenagers (and it's becoming surprisingly common for me to see adults typing like this) communicate in weird ways: 'lol do u want 2 go 2 tha mall l8er 2day?/? we can go 2 hollister & by sum gross perfume tht i only lyk bcuz its wats cool'. I would totally go to loldogs if someone had that. Maybe I'll google it and see if there is one. OH MY GODS. There is. It's called ihasahotdog dot com. Now this site, I approve of. It's comedy gold.

If you want an entertaining site with quality pictures of that sort, try lolplants. It's even better than ihasahotdog dot com; it's plant humor. What's better than that? I don't even remember how I came across the site, but it makes me laugh a billion times more than lolcats ever will. Please invest some time in checking that out. I mean seriously. Look at that. It's like... Shakespeare humor and plant humor all in one. Can't beat that, can you? :D

Now I'm all out of things to say. See? I've written four paragraphs if you include my weird opening one and I have nothing else to say. Augh.

Maybe I should comment on my most recent Transitive Property of Logic Fail (see You Fail Logic Forever). I was watching the fifth Harry Potter movie with my brother. Dumbledore and Voldy were dueling epicly. So I decided that when Voldy breathed (is that the right word there? It doesn't seem like it.) fire, that made him Uncle Iroh from Avatar since he can breath fire epicly as well. So, in the format of that Fail!Penguin... Voldemort can breathe fire. Iroh can breathe fire. Therefore, Voldemort is Iroh (and a firebender by default). Logic: another thing that Erin isn't very good at.

I think that's all I got for today. I can't think of anything else, so I'm going to sign this post off with a demotivator.

No I haven't, but here's a deathmelon.


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