Sunday, July 25, 2010

Why am I listening to Glee music while eating green Twizzlers and drinking Black Cherry Jones?

This is not a normal occurrence for me. My mom rarely buys me Twizzlers (Nellie's dad bought them on the way home from their boat. Which was really fun, by the way. Nellie and I went to Cedar Point.) and I only have Jones at school where I actually have a place nearby to buy it. And I never listen to Glee music unless I'm like... watching the show with Gigi (who is old and loves it).

Anyway, I totally slept on a freaking BOAT the last two nights. My brain still has not switched into land mode. My brain is all WHOOSH! SWAY! GO THAT WAY!. I keep on getting distracted and I keep looking at the ceiling and it looks like it's moving. And oh golly. It looks like there's a spider on my wall. Please excuse me to investigate and scream if my theory is correct. ... I was wrong. It was a remnant of Edweird's face.

In other news, my Snuggie is now clean. Yes, I have a WTF Blanket™. It's all pretty and zebra print. But I totally wish it were rainbow-y'd. It'd be much more fab that way.

Now that it's three hours later and I've procrastinated until one of my bracelets broke, my dad is threatening me about getting off before one. I almost want to stay up and find out, but I'm still exhausted (why is it that it never clicks in my head how to spell that word?) from the past few days even though I totally passed out when I got home.

Did I mention that I just made a forumspring? I've been peer-pressured into it. It's like a glorified version of Honesty Box (facebook thing) on its own website. I guess today's post will be shorter than normal since I'm short on time since my father is a butt.

Good night everyone, and may the Shwartz be with you.

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