Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jelly, Pickles, Renaldo, Grover and Winnifred.

So I'm totally writing this play for this workshop with a friend person named Susan. It's a mini play, but it's still pretty epic. Since I'm lazy and I want to pass out soon (GOLLY, IT'S SO EARLY, HALP ME) I'm going to copy/paste the epic storyboard.

First, I'd like to introduce our five main characters.

Winnifred—Fabulous unicorn who has a birthday on the day that the play focuses on.

Renaldo—A BANISHED Prince thing. He's super cool and I'm going to try and convince Susan to have him wear an eye patch. Imagine that picture to the left but pink and on a guy. :D

Pickles—A (hopefully) PURPLE woodpecker who pecks Winnifred's head and starts everything off. Look at that picture to the right and imagine the black and orange parts PURPLE.

Grover—A hobo who becomes Renaldo's best friend. I'm not posting a picture because when I google imaged 'hobo' a picture of a really big spider popped up. So I'm not searching anything like that again.

Jelly—A sunflower who can walk and talk and stuff. She becomes Winnifred's best friend and stuff.

Okky, here's the epic storyboard (As of five minutes ago. It's subject to change.).

  • Winnifred and Renaldo talking, partying, etc. Pickles enters stage BLANK and pecks W's head. P exits stage OPPOSITE.
  • She's got a major headache so they stop and R searches for the nearest town for food, etc.
  • R meets Grover(I'm having second thoughts about his name. Maybe we should change it.) and is considering mugging him, but G helps him steal stuff.
  • They become BESTEST FRANDS.
  • R+G go back to where W is resting, munching on food on the way there.
  • W freaks out the R+G are such great friends and by this time, she's all better, so she gets pissed and runs off to be emo in a meadow.
  • W is in meadow, crying (mini-monologue for her?) when Jelly enters stage BLANK.
  • J asks what's wrong, W explains and mentions that her birthday is today and that R forgot. They talk for a little bit, and they become best friends as well.
  • J+W go to yell at R(and G) for being such BUTTS and for R forgetting her birthday.
  • When the find R+G they see them with party hats and a cake for W. They yell 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' and all is forgiven.
  • They ALL become best friends over cake and ride off into the sunset on W's back.
How sexy is that?

I'm way too tired to post anything else. Good golly, it's only a little past ten. I think I'll go eat and sleep now. GOODBYE, WORLD.

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