Saturday, June 18, 2011

I have the coolest grandma in the history of ever.

Depending on the year, I really love June eighteenth. Why?

  • It's my birthday.
  • School occasionally lets out on that day.
  • Top of the Park usually has a movie playing that I drag all my friends to.
  • Since 2002, it has marked the anniversary of my grandmother getting a liver transplant and surviving, even though the doctors weren't sure she'd last more than five years.
Let's go through the history of a few of my birthdays. 

In 2002, the year I turned seven, my grandma, Gigi, (who now lives with me and is probably one of my favorite people ever and I love a lot because she's the coolest grandma ever) was really sick and probably was about to die and she needed a liver transplant. And on my birthday, she got that transplant she needed. It was the best and worst present ever because I had to stay at my other grandparents' house all day in their basement while my mom and dad waited at the hospital. It was pretty awesome because it made her better and not die and she's still alive and probably even cooler now than she was then. I mean, she took me to a Glee concert for my birthday this year. (TRY AND TOP THAT, GUYS.)

Also this lady has survived breast cancer twice. And all these other insane things and that make me wonder how she is still breathing. BUT SHE IS. And that makes me really happy because I like to watch Glee and American Idol and Raising Hope various other awesome TV shows that most grandmothers do not watch with their grandchildren. 

So June eighteenth is the day that I was born and my grandmother was kept alive. 

Also, if you didn't notice already, my grandma is the coolest old lady ever. I love her a lot and next year will be ten years since she was fixed. We were talking in the car and she said that back in the day, she wasn't even sure she would be alive long enough to see me turn sixteen. And she is most definitely alive today. Now she's shooting for twenty-one. I think she can do it.

Also this is my hundredth post. I think it's a pretty great post.


Trisha said...

I never got to know either of my grandmothers very well - the one I would have got on with died before i was born. :( Sad.

Josie said...

Pretty honorable to do it about your gran gran...and don't shoot for 21, shoot for your wedding, and the birth of your children.

Shari said...

Hooray for amazing grandmothers!