Thursday, June 23, 2011

What important things have I learned after finishing two of my four years at an alternative high school?

Since I just finished my sophomore year a week ago, I figure now is a good point to make a list of all the important and amazing things I learned at my lovely institution of learning.

  • Shoes are optional. However, there must be a layer between your feet and the ground. Duct taping the school newspaper to the bottoms of your feet is sufficient.
  • You do not go to a good school unless it has swings in the front and you use them after school, between classes and whenever class gets out early.
  • Telling the hall-monitor-type-person all about how your family likes to make pot brownies and the hilarity that ensues after is acceptable. He will make fun of you for a while afterwards, though.
  • Writing 'SEX—now that I have your attention,' on a poster telling you to submit to the school's literary magazine is not only funny, but effective.
  • It is normal for your teacher(s?) to draw a smiley face on the board, label it with your name and then hit it with a yard stick. 
  • Or instead of a smiley face, a tree labeled 'The Mighty Pipsqueak'.
  • No one really looks twice when you see a teacher and a student racing down the hall on a cart full of laptops and a scooter, respectively.
  • Watching anime during your free block is fun. Especially when three people walk over to you, ask what you're watching and recognize it and/or join in watching.
  • A pizzarito is a mostly acceptable form of snack for forum. (Pizzarito: see the disfigured and disgusting cross between a pizza crust and a burrito filling. So much sour cream.)
  • It is entertaining to pillage my classmates by running around in a longboat that we made at nine in the evening with my fellow vikings.
  • Quidditch matches draw the attention of the entire school.
  • If the theater director tells you to put the pot next to the beer and then screw in the pot, you do not question him.
  • Haribo, a kiwi and chocolate are an acceptable lunch.
  • People walking down the hall in a bear suit are often praised.
  • Lady Gaga wins the talent show every time.
  • Singing a two or more part song from Dr. Horrible is often met with people joining in the other parts and harmonizing.


Amandemetri said...

Man, reading this makes me want the summer to be over already. D:

Shannon Lawrence said...

Your high school sounds a lot more fun than my high school. Given, I basically went to the high school in Breakfast Club. Pretty sure I would have laughed hysterically had a teacher drawn a smiley face with my name and smacked it with the yard stick.

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