Sunday, November 28, 2010


So if you can't tell by that nifty little gadget on the left side of this squishy, I won NaNoWriMo. I feel really accomplished because I didn't do any copy/pasting (okay a little at the very end because the counter on the NaNo site was saying that I had 1.5k less than I actually do.

I won before two of my friends and I was absolutely certain that both of them were going to finish before me, if I finished at all, but I BEAT THEM. GO ME. SUCK IT.

Also, my wife stopped her novel just before half-way, which bothered me because her novel was fabulous and fabulous and augh, screw you wife.

I'm nowhere near finishing my novel, but I will take a well needed break from working on it. Until winter break, at least. November has ended two days early. :D

In related news, I bought myself Sims 3 as a reward for myself for finishing the freaking thing. Turns out my computer (an old mac mini) doesn't have the video card for it. So if I want to play it, I'll have to play on my mother or brother's computer. Screw that.

Today marks the last day of Thanksgiving break and I only have to survive a few more weeks after this until winter break, which is nice and lovely.

Prepare for me posting more often and having much wittier posts than this.

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Ami said...

DUDE AWESOME. I knew you could do it. :D