Friday, December 3, 2010

Homework? Cleaning my room? PSH. Writhe in pain? Bill Kaulitz? YES.

I have serveral confessions to make.

I have an unhealthy obsession with Bill Kaulitz. I mean, who wouldn't? He's absolutely beautiful.

I have a fake-diseasle called costochondritis, which basically means that my ribs hate me so much and just inflict pain on me whenever they want to. I take painkillers on a regular basis to dull the knives jabbing into my chest. Sometimes I can't remember to save my life if I took it when I'm trying to remember if I did an hour after I'm supposed to, so I don't take it because I'm afraid that I'll die because I took too much.

A hot water bottle has recently become my new best friend.

I haven't cleaned my room since summer. That translates to clothes, books, papers, dust jackets, sticky notes, nail polish, notebooks, CDs, socks, a Bubbles wig, DVDs, and the occasional zerbra snuggie (see that picture? That is totally me) are everywhere. I promised my mother that my room would be clean once NaNo was over, but look, it's over and my room is still hideous.

I promised several friends that I would lend them copies of books I own, but I keep losing them in my room, so I make up excuses that other people have them. Which is some of the time true.

I have a failing (quarter) grade in both science and math. Science because I turned everything in and maybe forgot to put my name on it and maybe because my teacher has yet to grade more than two things for the quart. Math because I hate geometry and because the teacher never gives due dates and I don't know when to turn things in.

I am currently convinced that I am going to die because of my diseasle. It's so painful and I keep crying and the only time it doesn't hurt is when I'm sleeping. If I can get to sleep with the stabbies.

I recently won NaNo and stopped writing my novel, even though I easily have 25k more words to write because my plot is so long and complicated.

The end.

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