Saturday, December 4, 2010

The most fail post ever.

Even though I haven't blogged in ages, I have realized that I still don't have anything to blog about. This past month was filled with staying in my room and typing up a storm and not having a social life.

I've barely read anything, so I can't talk about books. I've barely done anything, so I can't talk about fabulous things that have happened. I've barely done anything cool at all.

This will probably be a stupid stream-of-consciousness that will end up being stupid. Even though I used stupid twice in that sentence. 

As I write this, my dumb dog is squeaking her stupid squeaky ball that she just re-discovered. It's really clashing with One Jump Ahead from Aladdin.

So I have this Harry Potter (movie) calendar. And November was Snape and NaNo. Every day I wrote my wordcounts on it and it's just so satisfying to see that I hit 50,000 before the thirtieth. And Snape's too sexy to take down. Plus, next month is Ginny with a bunch of hearts and lame. So it will stay November for just a few more days.

I want ice cream.

Augh, this is too short, and I'm morally against short posts because I hate it when they end before you scroll down and stuff. I don't know why. That's why I like long posts and pictures a lot. It increases my happiness level.

I am tired. I just watched some Soul Eater, some Stardriver and some Umisho. I'm anime-ful tonight. Also, everyone should look at this.

You're welcome.

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