Sunday, December 5, 2010

I have a hole in my sock.

It's right on my big toe, on my left foot. It's not even at the bottom, it's on the top and part of my nail is showing. It's really been bothering my all night, but I'm too lazy to find a sock without a hole, much less find one more or less the same size as the other one.

You see, all the socks that I have that are clean and I can find are either knee-highs or have holes or are too small because I used to wear them when I was little and I've never given them away or anything.

I like socks a lot. I really like to mismatch socks because if you have two pairs of really cool ones, you can just wear one of each and then it's like BAM. I HAVE THE SUPERPOWERS OF TWO DIFFERENT SOCKS. But it's really weird when you wear one ankle sock and one knee-high and then it's all squeezy on one knee and then the other isn't and it feels weird.

If that made any sense.

I have Halloween socks, I have beach socks, I have Valentine's day socks, I have socks that say 'when pigs fly', I have slipper-socks, I have rainbow socks, I have sparkly socks, I have rainbow sparkly socks, I have fuzzy socks, I have socks with holes in them, I have Wii Fit socks, I have tie-dyed socks, I have socks with little grippies, I have argyle socks, I have polka spotted socks, and a billion more kinds.

What I don't have is pain colored socks. Except white ones, which I usually wear as a last resort. I think that boring socks are boring and if you wear them, you should go die in a bucket.

I think everyone should go to THIS LINK and listen to Dan Rad (Daniel Radcliffe) sing THE ELEMENTS SONG BY TOM LEHRER. It's easily one of the sexiest things ever.

 Two hours pass.

And for the past half hour, I've been trying to figure out what exactly makes a midwestern accent. And it's weird. I think I'll do a separate post on that. Maybe tomorrow if I can remember.

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Ami said...

"And argon....ah hold on-- sh- QUIET!" I love Dan Rad.