Friday, December 31, 2010

Alligator in French is, in fact, alligator.

Today is officially new year's eve. It's going to be sexy.

I am going to have eight billion friends over and we are going to party and eat and giggle and play freaking video games.

I have not done a book review in ages.

I have not completed a book in ages. I've reread several of my favorites, but I haven't finished a new one. I've started about fifteen (those include Clockwork Angel and Sapphique).

I've been busy being a stupid and playing Sims 3 and reading manga and watching anime.

Sims 3 is an amazing game. My sims, however, are stupid. Let me first set the stage.

I like making Sims of either characters from things I write (LIKE MY NOVEL YOU'LL GET TO SEE INSIDE MY NOVEL WHILE I EXPLAIN THIS) or my friends.

The first family I made in Sims was my trio of main characters plus the best friend's love interest.

Quintille (AUGH IT'S SUCH A LAME NAME WHY WOULD I EVER NAME SOMEONE THAT I NEED TO CHANGE IT.) is my main character and the character creator didn't have any good hair and he looks ugly. Also, since I got only around to figuring out/describing what my characters look like more than halfway through the novel, I ended up getting him and his love interest's hair color mixed up. Way to go, me. He ends up being THE FREAKING PRESIDENT, so I figured that the political track would be good for him. In his wishes, he keeps wanting to quit his job and woohoo with his love interest. Woohoo is amazing because that's one of the ways the game can get away with a T rating. I read that on the tropes page on it. You should try reading it, it's interesting. He adopted a baby because he's weird and he couldn't figure out how to marry his love interest. In that last sentence, replace he with I. Puts out his love interest's fires. Scolds love interest for not going to work. Encourages creeping on young children.

Chemile (AUGH IT'S SUCH A LAME NAME I NEED TO CHANGE IT WHY WOULD I EVER NAME SOMEONE THAT AUGH WHYYY.) is my main character's love interest. Stupid. Does not go to work. Makes fires and stands in them. Creeps on young children.

Lue (I really like this name, mons) is my main character's best friend. Blonde, stupid and whoreish. The most notable of her stupidness is stealing babies. You heard me right. She legitimately STEALS BABIES. Well, not babies plural. Not yet, at least. She picks up Quinny's baby, walks around the house, drops it several times, picks it back up and eventually ends up in the back yard. DROPS IT NEXT TO THE SWIMMING POOL. LEAVES IT THERE. Sometimes when I'm paying attention to another sim, I'll see that the baby's happy meter is low and I have Quinny go to its room and it's NOT THERE. And it's in the FREAKING BACKYARD.

Lumin (okay name, I could have done better) is best friend's love interest. He's probably the best out of all of them. He does things extreme and has a mohawk and he aged up and now his everyday clothes are a green tanktop and purple track pants. And he has a mohawk and he has a mohawk and looks like a freaking stupid. Other than that, he goes to work everyday and is a CIA agent even though his dream was to become a forensic person and I chose the wrong side of law enforcement or something. Whatever, he'll deal.

There are my sims and my characters in my novel and that's totally not how they are in the novel, even though I should totally make them that way because it would be funny.

But I haven't addressed the title of this lovely post yet.

Recently, whenever I talk to a friend of mine (conveniently named Erin as well) I say random words like fish and she responds in French and I say more words and I try to stump her. And I said alligator and she didn't respond and eventually told me that alligator in French is, in fact, alligator.

Just a little fact I thought y'all should know.

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