Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm putting my foot down!

No more angsty blogging. Not for a while, at least.

I'm going to Mexico tomorrow and I do believe that I will be too busy lounging at the beach and being amazing to blog. I may scribble down a few ideas, but I don't believe that I'll be able to steal my father's computer other than to watch GLEE and STAR DRIVER.

If you don't know what Glee is, go shoot yourself in the foot.

If you don't know what Star Driver is, facepalm. It's not that big of a deal. Star Driver is the best anime ever and it has GIANT MECHAS WITH WOMANLY CURVES and galactic bishonen (pretty boy) and all these amazing things. And LOOK AT HEAD.

Isn't that beautiful? He's my favorite characters and he likes to flash the KIRABOSHI gang sign. So it's nothing out of the ordinary, just your normal everyday anime, LIKE NARUTO AND INUYASHA. Except not really because this is like five times cooler than all that stuff combined. So I recommend you watch it because it has a chick named Fish Girl in a giant bird cage that sings the prettiest song ever.

So this will be my post on here for a while, since I'll be in MEXICO. Actually I might blog tonight so maybe not. I'll post something not quite as stupid because this is pretty stupid and I might do another favorites thing if I'm not packing feverishly.


Erin said...

Have a wonderful time in Mexico! I'm so jealous! Don't worry about blogging while your gone...but maybe you can post a picture or two for us once you get back so that we can live vicariously through you? =)

Erin @ Quitting My Day Job

Anonymous said...

Have fun in Mexico! :)

alberta ross said...

just in time to say hi fellow crusader and time to say bye have a nice time

Carol Riggs said...

Enjoy your Mexico trip, how fun! Relax!

Just stopping in, buddy crusader! I'm making the rounds today and checking out your blog. Nice to meet you, and Happy Friday! :)

Artzicarol Ramblings

Constance said...

Enjoy your trip!! hope you have a great time

Happily Cheesy said...

I just have to say, the badge above your profile description rocks. =) (From one crusader to another.)

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous! Nice to meet you fellow crusader. Now following!


Gina Blechman said...

would this be a bad time to say that I feel like Glee has totally deteriorated as a show?