Friday, February 18, 2011

Why can't everyone just get along and love each other?

THIS is why I hate the world so much.

Why can't people have rights and lives that are normal?

Does it really matter that someone's white or black or pink or purple or green? Does it really matter if someone's a man or a woman or wants to bone a man or a woman? Does it really matter if someone's a woman? Does it really matter if someone has disabilities? Does it really matter if someone was born in this country or across the world or even the universe? Does it really matter if you believe in god or gods or something else entirely?

No. It doesn't matter. Because we're all people and no matter how much I may disagree and get really really really angry at the people who think otherwise, WE ARE ALL PEOPLE. If someone wants to get a job, LET THEM If someone wants to get married or visit their significant other in the hospital, LET THEM. If a woman wants to be the freaking president, LET HER. If someone wants to smash all boundaries that set them in a box, LET THEM.  If someone wants to be a freaking superstar, LET THEM. It doesn't matter.

People are stupid and why can't they let people have dreams and do things that other people take for granted. If you don't think something is moral or right or whatever, DON'T DO IT. Let other people do it and it can be on their conscious, not yours.

I don't understand why these people won't let other people have lives and love and do things and be a part of society. They're only different if YOU MARK THEM AS DIFFERENT AND TREAT THEM DIFFERENTLY.

I know I have a lot of new followers, so if you guys want to comment and tell me why/how you think these things that would make sense to a really angry fifteen-year-old, please do. Or just comment with what you think on these topics.

I just really hate the world today. Actually, a lot recently.

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