Friday, January 21, 2011

Across the Universe!

Okay, so I just finished the book Across the Universe by Beth Revis. I saw on some other blogs recommendations for it and I got it and I totally couldn't put it down. I should be packing right now (ROAD TRIP) but I haven't blogged in a while, so I decided so do this instead. Don't y'alls love me?

This book is dystopian, which implies sci-fi, but it seems more sci-fi than most dytopian books and it's also a mystery and slightly romancey. But not really.

I am going to try and give a summary (WITHOUT SPOILERS!) in three sentences. Wish me luck.

Main chick (Amy) gets cyrogenicly(sp?) frozen to go to Centauri-Earth (a new planet that Earth discovered) because it takes 300 years to get there and her parents (being fabulous (military and scientist people) were chosen to go along and she was brought along. She is unfrozen in an attempt at murder and meets love interest (Elder), a leader (Eldest) in training because people live on the ship, keeping people alive to wake up frozens (they create new technologies and make sure the ship's running smoothly too). Together, main chick and love interest uncover the secrets of the ship and discover that love interest has been living a lie and together, they try and figure out who's killing the frozen people and why.

That counts as three sentences, right? RIGHT?
It totally does.

This book has officially gone to the top (ish) of my favorite books. The current order of favorite books (trilogies too) are Uglies, Hunger Games and then ACROSS THE UNIVERSE.

So I would like to say that it's a good part if you're good at not imagining things. If you are, prepare to be a little freaked out. The first chapter alone made me want to put the book down and never read it again because it described (in detail) the process of freezing people. And it's freaky.

There were a lot of things I definitely wasn't expecting thrown in. I'm not saying that they were thrown in randomly. They had crucial plotness to them and I totally wasn't expecting it.


Main chick/Amy—She's kinda annoying, daddy's girl, but overall, a pretty strong protagonist. She's really angsty, but she has reason to... to a point.

Love interest/Elder—He's cool. He's the rebellious teenager in the line for ruling over the people. And he's a slight liar.

Kinda-semi-antagonist/Eldest—He's mean and stuff. But yet again, he has reason to. He's fifty-six and has been in charge for a gazillion years (since he was twenty, I think) and he knows the horrid (really horrid) deep dark secrets of the ship and he keeps them away from everyone and he comes across this way until the very end. When something mostly unexpected happens.

I don't really think there are any other MAIN characters other than Elder's best friend whose name I can't remember, though I finished the book just a few hours ago.

This is definitely one of those books that like, sticks in your head and you just want to make everyone read it.

Many stars, everyone read it. Now.

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