Sunday, January 23, 2011

There are giant slabs of concrete connecting the world.

You will rarely find a place (that is, in the U.S.) that you can't get to by road (dirt, concrete, asphalt, etc).

If you guys hadn't heard, I went on a ROAD TRIP last night and today (I AM BACK NOW AFTER THINKING THAT I WAS GOING TO DIE BECAUSE OF THE SNOW). It took four hours (give or take a half hour) to get there (and then back). During that time it was dark and I was tired and bored and I can't sleep in cars so I just thought.

And y'know what I thought? I thought about how many FREAKING roads and highways there are. They cut clear through forests and give reason for people to drive drive drive and kill kill kill the world.

I think that's stupid.

I was also thinking about what Scott Westerfeld said at a book event thingy. He was talking about how roads and highways connect everything. But in two (almost three) of his books, Leviathan and Behemoth, they use walkers. And the walkers don't need roads. And he said that the world could have easily gone that way. Screw wheels, legs are more efficient. (If any of you read my post on fabulousness from the booky thingy when Scott Westerfeld came to town, I couldn't find the picture of a kid wearing a fez and on a walker thing and THIS IS IT.)

But we decided that killing things and taking up so many resources is a good idea. I know what you're saying. 'BUT ERIN CONCRETE IS STUPID AND NO ONE CARES ABOUT USING IT UP!' but I'm saying that all the zillions and gabillions of signs they use every few feet is a waste of metal. Also the concrete takes up space that could totally be used for like, fixing the freaking world because stupid global warming.

So pretty much what I was thinking is that the world is stupid. You have heard me angst enough, I am tired (I totally walked like, five miles today D:) and I'm going to bed now.

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Gabrielle said...

OH my gosh Erin! You found that stupid picture!!!