Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What have I done tonight? Nothing, really.

So two of my big finals are tomorrow. What did I do to study/do my project?


  • Watched The Big Bang Theory, hoping it would make me smarter for science.
  • Looked at pictures of Harry Potter characters so I could put them in my powerpoint.
  • Glanced at a punnett square or two.
  • Lolcat'd.
  • Drank grape juice.
  • Thought about blogging.
  • Actually blogged.
  • Chatted with people I used to know on facebook.
  • Ran through my little 'i, isti, it, imus, istis, erunt' song in my head so I would remember perfect tense conjugations.
  • Made the sexiest powerpoint in the history of ever.
  • Rocked out to Ke$ha. (Pronounced KUH-DOLLAR SIGN-HAA!)
  • Remembered the parts that I forgot/screwed up on in my scene for my acting final.
  • Angsted about the dress I had to wear for you acting final.
  • Ate coffee ice cream.
I think that it was very productive.
I really should be off to finish my review sheet for Latin, but y'know, I can do that during the half hour I have from when my bus comes and I need to take the test. And plus, Latin is my one of my best subjects.
What would YOU do?

If you were me, you would sit and find more things to blog about. Such as bucket lists, favorites and kittens. But then fail.

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