Monday, January 24, 2011

Musicy blogfest!

So I am doing this blogfesty thing. It's set to be for tomorrow, but since finals start tomorrow, I'm doing it early. And it looks like it will be posted when I'm done unless I can set it to pop up here tomorrow at some point.

So the blogfest is a musicy one (if you didn't click that lovely link I provided for y'all) and I have to have my top ten favorite songs. This is taking deep thought. INSANE THOUGHT. It just took fifteen minutes to go through my playlist of favorite songs (over eight hundred of those) and then fifteen more to actually narrow down the twenty I had gotten from those. (All the links are links to youtube)

10.  My Eyes/On the Rise—Neil Patrick Harris and Felicia Day

I don't know why I love this. It's probably because it has Neil Patrick Harris and it's from Dr. Horrible and it's the first song from the Sing-Along-Blog that I actually learned the lyrics to. :D It makes me very happy because Neil Patrick Harris is like... Jesus or something.

9. This Is How I Disappear—My Chemical Romance

I must admit to having a semi-secret love for MCR. I'm always making fun of it because it's always like 'MCR IS SO GOFFIK' in My Immortal, but they really are fabulous and I spent a lot of eighth and ninth grade listening to them and I still totally do, but not as much.

8. In Which Draco and Harry Secretly Want To Make Out—The Whomping Willows

How can you not love wrock? And it's shipping Drarry, so what's not to love? It's also catchy and slightly earwormish. I think the title really says it all.

7. To Live Forever—Planet P Project

I must say that this song is creepy and terrifying and it's not a good idea to listen to this on a CD in the dark, on the way back home when you're looking out your window, thinking you're spotting zombies. My alternate title for this song is 'Don't Drink the Water' and I think it's kinda more fitting. Also, parts of this song remind me of Across the Universe (I totally did a BOOK REVIEW on that like, two posts ago!).

6. Love Songs (They Kill Me)—Cinema Bizarre

I have to admit that I went through this little phase a little less than a year ago where it was just CINEMA BIZARRE <3. And it hasn't really completely worn off (though it mostly faded when they BROKE UP). I still have a love for this song and the music video (the link) is creepy and amazing and that whole band is pretty and they're all men, in case you were wondering.

5. Schrei—Tokio Hotel

Tokio Hotel is godly and I love them. And this song is amazing, though it is in German. There's an English version (Scream) but I think this is a gazillion times better. Also he was really young in the video and looks really adorable. (By the way, Tokio Hotel and Cinema Bizarre are similar (in the way that they're pretty and German) but they are both equally awesome.)

4. Libra—MUCC

 I am a j-rock fan. J-rock is amazing especially with MUCC. I also love Horizont by them which is my second favorite song by them and only appears in my top thirty favorite songs. I love this song because it's like, Japanish hardcore rock and they're like almost rapping (which I hate) at the same time because they're talking so freaking fast. At least in my mind.

3. Nymphetamine Fix—Cradle of Filth

I love this musics along with pop-like-music (like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Ke$ha). I have a wide variety of tastes (except I can't stand rap). I think this song is amazing because it combines such prettyful singing with SCREAMY stuff. It makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Also, coincidentally, I have discovered that blasting this song really loud gets rid of headaches. Which doesn't make much sense, but whatever.

2. Wasted Time—Fuel

I don't even know how I discovered this band/song. I do believe I was at the library and I was flipping through CDs and I thought the album art was cool so I checked it out and loved it. Though this is definitely NOT my favorite band, it often switches back and forth with number one as my favorite song.

1. King For A Day—Planet P Project

I don't know what my favorite band is, though this band has two songs in my top ten favorite songs list, so I'm thinking that it's up there. I think that this song is amazing and it tells a story (that is just part of the story that its entire album has, actually, all their albums tell stories. The other song on this list is towards the beginning of another album and it's about a guy getting superpowers by drinking the water. Makes sense, eh?) and it's just really awesome and I love it.

That is my blog for the day of my favorite musics. :D

Wish me luck on my finals!


Ellie said...

Another list where I've not heard any of the songs - what does that say about me? Or is it that there are so many more songs out there than we imagine?

Thanks for sharing!

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iZombie said...

so many new groups and song i have never heard of... thank you!


Clarissa Draper said...

How have I not heard of these songs? Thanks for the list.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I like your selection - a good mix of rock! Thanks for participating!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Planet P!!! Nobody ever knows Tony Carey's band. And To Live Forever JUST missed my cut.

Tara said...

Oh, a few new ones to check out. Love that! Off to click your links...

M Pax said...

I have some of the songs you listed. I need to check a few of the others out. Good luck on your finals!

Hannah Kincade said...

ooh, some new ones to add to my list! Thanks! And I just love Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog. Great choice.

Wendy Tyler Ryan said...

I'm out of luck with your entire list except for Dr. Horrible. I'm a fan.

Budd said...

only familiar with dr. horrible.

aspiring_x said...

yikes! i'm so musically illiterate! i know none of these!!! :)

Lydia K said...

I think I only know one of these. Good luck on your finals!

Jennie Bailey said...

I love when I hit a list that has nothing I recognize! Yours is one of a few - this will branch me out into new music! Good luck on your finals!

Elaine AM Smith said...

OK, that's a lot of new! j-rock? I'm hot on the heels of some research ;)

Arlee Bird said...

Good luck on your finals.

Don't know any of these songs. Heck, I haven't even heard of most of these artists.

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Jenny said...

Great list! I have to say that I LOVE MCR they are my all time favorite band.

Karen Peterson said...

Good luck on your finals!

I love Dr. Horrible, too!

Trisha said...

I don't know a lot of these artists, but I'm checking them out now :) This blogfest has been sooo good, I've already found some great new music and rediscovered some old :)

Deniz Bevan said...

Yay for Dr Horrible! And good luck on your finals [s]