Sunday, September 12, 2010

I often have weird reasons for hating things like superman ice cream, mangas and Oscar the Grouch.

I totally hate superman ice cream. But not for the reason you might think. I don't think it tastes all that terrible. It's okay and has a weird aftertaste.

My real reason for hating/giving up hope in superman ice cream when I was a child was because I was pissed off that it didn't turn me into superman. So I decided to hate superman ice cream for all time. And I was only reminded of it today when all the little children at my cousin's birthday party wanted superman ice cream. Prepare to be disappointed, little children things. I hope they know that their hopes and dreams and everything that they ever wanted will be soon ripped to shreds. Just like what happened to me.

I hated Oscar the Grouch when I was little for one irrational reason. I hate that ugly color green. It's like.... vomit. And baby-food peas. And death. All mixed together with a hideous voice.

I cannot stand most mangas. They're so vague. I have to have things spelled out for me to understand, so mangas are not necessarily my strongest point. The worst thing is that all my friends read mangas obsessively and are always discussing it and I want to watch the anime of it, but they seem to tell me not to because it's either so different or it sucks really badly. But, in other news, LOOK UP. IT'S LOVELESS. PEDO!!! That is one manga I actually might try and read. I might annoy my friends horribly, though.

Also, I seem to have given up all hope in blogging. School has sucked all possible life from me. I'm channeling my life into other fabulous things, though. So it's kind of okayish. Maybe. I'm trying to figure out what my next poll should be.

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