Monday, September 20, 2010

My mother almost kinda-sorta could have run over an old man on Saturday.

I am very well aware that it's more than a week since I last blogged. I feel quite terrible about it. But I do not feel terrible that I am actually doing my homework and I'm doing extracurricular things as well. And I'm not being the anti-social person I was last year, cause last year I would go home as soon as school was over and just sleep.

Also, I was planning on posting this two days ago (Saturday) but then Blogger decided to hate me and when it started working again, Firefox quit, so I took it as a sign that I was not meant to blog that night.

So. Attention all ye stalkers. I'm going to be giving hints whereish I liveish. Not really kinda. But if you're an amazing stalker, then I bet you can figure it out. Not that I'm inviting you to do that or anything. But yeah. But I'm only giving this disclaimer because I have a flag counter that says that I have viewers from other countries. So maybe people other than my friends read this.

So. We live in a town where we have obnoxious football fans storming the stadium once a week during the fall. And it just so happens that my mother's friend from like... middle school that she still nerds with weekly is a policey person who has to make sure people don't get themselves run over. And so my mother decides most every week to be a nice person and bring her hot chocolate or chocolate or something yummy so that she doesn't die. I'm always forces along because my mother has to drive and I hop out and we meet at a secret location.

On this occasion, people were being stupider than usual and biking into the street in front of us while we're going pretty fast and they're walking in the street and augh. And we were stopped kinda close to where my mom's friend was. So I was all 'Hey, I'll just get out now, toodles.'

AND THERE'S THIS OLD MAN ON THE SIDEWALK. And I don't know what he's doing. Right before I got out, it looked like he was going in a circle or something. And when I got out, I think I might have freaked him out or something, and he fell in front of my mother's car. She was stopped. But he was still on the ground. And I was just standing there with my jaw on the ground, holding a hot cocoa while some smart people from the sidewalk help him up. And my mom told me to leave the scene of the crime, which I totally think was illegal or something. And I delivered the hot cocoa all shocked-like.

That was my little adventure of the week.

I'm home sick today from school since my darling wifey probably gave me her disease. I have the icky sore throat and I couldn't sleep at all last night. And I think I will wrap up this post so that I can eat ice cream and watch a sick movie.

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green_rave said...

This cheered me up so much. Like, sooo much.