Thursday, September 23, 2010

Poodles are fun things.

So darlings. I'm sitting in a library. It's a closed library, but we begged and begged to be let in. We are so amazing at begging that it just happened to work. So now I'm sitting in the library with Etsie (read her version of poodles HERE, just look for a post of the same name) and we decided to both blog and now we have to blog about the same thing. She found a random blog post idea generator, and it came up with 'Poodles are fun things'. I have no idea what that means or what it wants, but I will try my freaking best. :D

So on the topic of what we're supposed to be blogging about. Poodles. I have a half-poodle creature thing. It's evil and barks. She's a corgi-poo. We got her a year ago when my grandmother decided that she was lonely with me and my brother at school and my parents at work. Therefore, we had to get a dogbeast.

She does weird things and she's obsessed with her laser thing that she chases. She has this nervous twitch whenever she's by the piano, where we keep it, and she's always glancing up there like TWITCH TWITCH. I totally switched the picture that I hard originally for an actual one of Fang. Look up. She looks all mental and posed and for a second I thought it looked like a painting, but this is the only good picture I have of my dogbeastie.

That's really not saying that poodles are fun things, though.

But... in the winter when I go sledding sometimes, I bring her with me, and she pulls me down the hill and bites me. It's fun. Except the biting part. It's only because she gets freaked out that the sled thingy is like... chasing her or something.

I think this is all I have to say about poodles. Truthfully, they scare me.

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