Sunday, September 5, 2010

There are three books that I cannot finish no matter how hard I try.

There are only three books in all of existence that I have tried to read but absolutely could not finish because I thought it was so horrible or I just hated how the story was going. I am planning on trying to finish one of them before Tuesday, though. Maybe. Probably not, though.

Book number one... The strangely semi-popular Eragon series thing. I'll list off all the things that I find wrong with it.
  • Wasn't it supposed to be just two books then moved to a triogy and now four? I hate it when authors do that. Like Smeyer. I wouldn't mind it if Suzanne Collins did it. I want another Hunger Games book, possibly from the point of view of Peeta.
  • I never really was into the whole fantasy dragon stuff. Sci-fi and supernatural things are more my style. 
  • The writing is overly... over. Y'know what I'm talking about, don'tcha?
  • He wrote it when he was what... sixteen or seventeen? I've spoken to people before about how people should wait to publish their novels until they're older because their writing style changes and it's all weird. And I've had angsty conversations with Wiffy on this topic. Specifically referencing this author guy. Which I can't remember. Christopher P....
  • The intro is so long and boring. I just remember just a flood of detail and I was what... eleven or twelve when I tried to read it? I don't care about all the whatevers of the forest and all the complicated things that I can't be bothered to remember now. I just know that there was a rock/egg thing.
I can't think of anything else at the moment. But I have to say that there is one thing that I admire about the author guy. Apparently it's been two years since his last book came out and people are going insane waiting for the fourth and he's not succumbing to the pressure, which is what I think Suzanne Collins did. That's probably why Hunger Games was the best of the trilogy because she had no one to bother her about finishing it but herself. And Catching Fire she had a lot of people which was why the time in the arena was so short. And before Mockingjay there we so many rabid fans, we can say safely that the reason that the ending was so rushed and Finnick didn't even get a paragraph was because she has succumbed to pressure.

Every girl reads the second book in elementary school/middle school. My friends were always talking about it and when they asked me what I thought of it, I always shrugged it off and said that I didn't really like it. They ignored me and continued. I never really opened a copy of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants until I got it for Christmas from my grandparents two years ago. Whuppee. I decided that I had nothing better to do over winter break, so I tried to read it. I could not get past the tenth page, I just hated the writing style so much. And it was just so cliched. I don't mind the movie, though. I watch it occasionally on sick days along with the Harry Potter movies, Finding Nemo, The Emperor's New Groove and Charlie's Angels.

The third book I read last summer along with its prequel, Peeps. It's by Scott Westerfeld and it's called The Last Days. I don't know why I hated it so much. Scott Westerfeld is one of my heroes and I love all of his books. Except that one. It just bothered me so much. I totally know what happens, though, since Wiffy told me.

And now, since it's one in the morning and I plan to get up early to go biking for a long time and then BBQ and then dance in the streets, I shall retire. Also, please vote on my villain poll.

P.S., school starts the day after tomorrow.

P.P.S., I want a pet octopus.

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