Tuesday, August 17, 2010

All I have left to show of my adventure are two skinned elbows and several billion aching muscles.

So, as a few of you may know, I went on an adventure today. It was a very adventurous adventure.

First, I sat in my wife's car for an  hour and a half. We played Boxers or Briefs™. (At least I think it's ™'d. It's this fabulous game that's too hard to explain unless there are cards or something to show y'alls.


Slime Lake is really called Lime Lake, but my wife calls it Slime. And I agree with her because it's super slimey and icky. Only the bottom, though. And it gets deep really fast, so you can hardly tell.

Anyway, we totally ate delicious foods and talked about random mangas and webcomics that I don't know about but I still know who the characters are and they all have insanely similar names like Fai and Faye or something and when people are talking really fast they sound exactly the same and it was soooo confusing. That was an extremely long sentence.

After we ate delicious foodies, we decided that it would be a FABULOUS idea to go and tube. I think we forgot that you need just a bit of upper body strength to tube. We also forgot that none of us people that were there has the required OVER NINE THOUSAND upper body strength level. So we spent an hour or three skinning our elbows and knees, trying to climb onto the tubes that hate us so. But it was fun. And I lost two or more of my bracelets in the process because I was too lazy to take them off. And they were both really cool ones. They were all beaded and one was from Mexico and the other was from Africa. Well, I guess the fish can be beautiful now.

After we had been yanked around enough and we couldn't feel our fingers or faces anymore, we stopped (after abandoning wifey), ate some more and then ran around in a graveyard. And by running around, I mean we walked really slowly and walked on gravestones and stuff and then sat on this conveniently placed bench and talked about chundering. It was very happy-making. And by the way, there really was a grave thingy that said Fish on it. There was also one that said Lazer.

Then I decided that we were bored, so we went back to the placey place and ate popcorn and played Chinese Checkers for all of five minutes and when wifey and I decided that we should swim before we had to go home, I smashed all the marbley things.

And THENNNN we went back into the lake, but this time we had NOODLES instead of life jackets and everyone was really lame and wanted to just sit on their noodles and talk, but I wanted to swim and try to drown people. But nooo, they wanted to stay floating so that they could breathe. Lammmmmmme. We swam for a while and waved at a boat. And Bethy-kun decided to ask us—really loudly while the boat was really close—if we should shout something awkward at them. Actually, it might have been the Turnip.

And then we were tired and went home. And I am going to be in so much pain tomorrow, I am so screwed.

So that was my lovely adventure today.  I need to sleep because tubing and swimming takes a lot more out of you than you would think.

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