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Mockingjay: REVEALED! Caution! Spoilers!

This is a spoiler on Mockingjay. I've been wanting to do one for a while, and this book seems like a great one to do it.

Oh yeah, and I'm sorry I didn't blog last night. I have a lovely excuse. I was at a party until late and then I wanted to get to bed early so that I could get up early and read this book and then blog about it.

I wouldn't suggest reading it unless you either a) do not care about spoilers, b) do not plan to read the book in the near future/at all (SHAME ON YOU!) or c) have read it.


Second warning.

Third warning.




I hope y'all know I did that so that if people went on here just to check for updates, they hopefully will not be assaulted by spoilers.

I'm going to start out with a flat out list of things that happen that I think might interest people if looking for spoilers.
  • Katniss, Gale, and Peeta all live.
  • Finnick and Annie get married.
  • Finnick dies. I never cry for books or movies. His death made much cryings.
  • Prim dies. -insert BAWLING here-
  • Peeta gets tortured/messed up by the Capitol by a type of torture called 'Hijacking'. It's a thing that uses tracker jacker poison to make him afraid of certain things. Katniss, in particular.
  • Team Gale dies.
  • Katniss has not-fake kids. With Peeta.
  • Prim DIES. Do you not get that? She DIES.
  • President Snow dies. He's supposed to be executed by Katniss. But then Katniss kills the current President (the not so promising ex-President of district thirteen who wants to have a final games for all the children of important Capitol people instead of executing the important people) and doesn't get in trouble for it because she's called crazy which she totally is.
  • As I stated above, President Coin dies.
  • They live in district thirteen for most of the book. It's underground and completely self-sufficient. 
  • Katniss gets shot.
  • District thirteen gets bombed by missile/bomb-things that are meant to dig deep into the ground.
  • So many people die.

I can't think of much more at this point. I hope you guys know that that was all DEFINITELY NOT IN ORDER. So .... yeah.

Maybe I'll do basic plot-points.
  • Katniss is exploring what's left of district twelve. She finds that the Victor's Village survived and not much else.
  • Not long after, she agrees to be their (people of district thirteen and people left of twelve. Also the rest of the districts once they're in the rebellion) 'Mockingjay' and the head of the rebellion.
  • Everyone had been suspecting that Peeta was dead, but he shows up on TV asking for a cease-fire, even though nothing had started yet. He looks healthy and in control of his head.
  • Katniss asks for conditions for her Mockingjayness. She wants immunity for all the previous tributes, no matter what they've done, she wants Gale to be with her during most of the things that she has to do, and she wants to be able to hunt again. She asks President Coin, she agrees, and announces it in front of everyone in the district. But she says that if Katniss doesn't follow the rules, the conditions are broken and the immunity is no more. Including hers.
  • So they start filming propaganda that they can feed into the other districts' TVs and eventually the Captiol's.
  • They go to district eight. Everything gets really intense because a hospital is bombed and Katniss starts yelling at a camera.
  • They watch more interviews of Peeta, with him looking weaker and more tired each time. At the last interview, Peeta warns them of a bombing. During the interview, BeeTee is feeding in propaganda and Peeta is trying to fight it. Eventually, the interview ends with the camera being knocked over and blood is spilled on the white floor. 
  • They decide that it's too risky not to take his seriously, so they put everyone in a bunker at the very bottom (try like, forty floors into the ground) of the entire district thirteen building. It is bombed, and they're in there for quite some time. 
  • After they're let out, Katniss (along with Gale, Finnick and a camera crew is immediately sent to the outside, where they want her to film things by the craters that the bombs made. But she breaks down because they're using Peeta against her and she can't do it knowing that if they keep going on, they'll keep hurting him. They have to sedate her from freaking out so much and it is said that afterwards, Finnick does the same thing because of Annie.
  • When Katniss and Finnick wake up, they find out that a team has finally been sent to the Capitol to rescue Peeta and Annie. And Gale volunteered to go.
  • So Katniss and Finnick freak out and wants to go, but the only thing they can do is film more propoganda to distract the Capitol. So Finnick tells some stories about how he was threatened into prostitution by President Snow and by doing that he found out dirty secrets from people in the Capitol and he told them all. It was sweet.
  • So then they wait forever and eventually, they're back, and people are hurt, but no one's dead and they have both Peeta and Annie.
  • Katniss goes to Peeta who is supposedly just waking up. Katniss goes over to hug him or kiss him or something and he strangles her.

Y'know, I'm crying too much while writing this, so I can't do it. Just go read the book. It's amazing. If I could strive to be an author, I would want to be Suzanne Collins.

If anyone actually reads this, feel free to discuss spoilers in the comments.

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