Saturday, August 14, 2010

Why do YOU less than three the devil?

Let me start off first by saying that this picture is pretty much completely incorrect. In the spelling/grammar type way.

  • Homo's
Homo's are quite fabulous. I love how that is the first thing on that list.
  • Druggies
Druggies are not fabulous because they do drugs. DRUGS ARE THE DEVILLLL. :O
  • Gangster's
I think that gangster's are pretty pimpin'. Except the whole pants thing. (I would like to note that the first time I tried to type the word 'pants', it ended up as 'plants'.)
  • Feminist's
A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. Also, men are okay as long as they stay in the kitchen where they belong. And if they make me a sammich.
  • Mormon's
lulz, UTAH. My grandmother is a Mormon thing.
  • Buddhist's
  • Drunkard's
Hey, some of my best friends are Drunkard's. HAHAHA JAYKAY. I think drunk people can do what they want. As well as less than three the devil.
  • Bahi's
I feel really stupid, but I had to wiki this. I just read probably half of the article and I still don't know what it is.
  • Catholic's
I'm guessing that the people who are displaying this sign are from WBC. Catholics are kinda... weird.
  • Wifebeater's
I BEAT MY WIFE. I take that as an insult.
  • Atheist's
I'm sure a bunch o' people read that and laugh. They don't believe in the devil. Haha. :D Whoever wrote that sign looooooses.
  • New ager's
Y'know, I'm not even going to comment.
  • Democrat's
Democrats will freaking rule the world. 'Nuff said.
  • Environmentalist's?
Uh... WHAT? People who care about the Earth less than three the devil? If anyone, it's the idiots who wrote that. They're the ones who are not recycling and using giant trucks and SUVs that take up so much uckyness. They're probably the people behind the oil spills too.
  • P.K.'s
Huh? I'm probably overlooking something totally obvious that I already know of, but all I'm getting when I wiki it is a type of car. Yes. A type of car less than threes the devil.
  • Abortionist's
Is that even a group thingy? I've never heard that term before. Whatever.
  • Effeminate men
Good golly. These people are so horrible. Effeminate men are the most fabulous thing ever. Do they not want the world to be fabulous? Curse them.
  • Racist's
Clearly, these people are racists. That means that they less than three the devil. Go logic fail!
  • Scientologist's
I think that sciencey people are the most fab. Don't you? I mean, they're all sciencey and smart.
  • Emo's
Emo's are super cool. They're all raccoon like and they have hair that is in their faces. I don't see how they don't run into walls every other second. I guess that is a skill that emo's have and that makes them much cooler. Plus, they empty their emptiness by slitting their wrists. With cell phones. So parents, don't let your children have cell phones in case they're emo and want to empty their emptiness.

I am far too lazy to do the rest. But I want to say that I am more fabulous than everyone else. I believe that I will do a book review tomorrow. It will be on Unwind.

Also, note to everyone:
I purposely did the 's stuff to make fun of the poster thing in the picture. I did not do it on purpose, though some people think I did and felt the need to correct me.

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Wallet said...

scientology is actually a freak cult/religion that tom cruise is in xD scientists are the science people :D go sceince!