Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Who IS the best villain of all time?

Things do not go as planned. You see, I have a play that needs to be in tomorrow and I, for some reason, decided that I could edit it. And I need to go to bed early to go to the zoo with my brother and cousins and people. So this might be shorter than I think it might be.

I am going to address the question asked by people around the world. Maybe. If I am able to make up my mind. Otherwise, this might just end up as a list of epic villains
  • Dr. Cable. Made infamous by the Uglies trilogy (Scott Westerfeld). She is Tally(-wa~!)'s main enemy through the whole thing unless you count herself, which I totally do. She's a giant jerk and a special and evil. If it wasn't for her, the whole Mind Rain wouldn't have happened.
  • Gaston. He is the jerkiest of all jerks. He like, tries and kills the Beast. And he almost makes him DIE. Guh. Screw him. He's only interested in himself. The jerk thing.
  • President Snow. I'm sure whoever came up with the Hunger Games is far more evil, but he's all blood and roses and wants to kill Katniss and everyone she loves and I'm totally not going to spoil Mockingjay for everyone.
  • Voldemort. I think he might win. Everyone I've asked has sid him automatically. He killed Harry's parents and a billion other people. He used UNFORGIVABLE curses.
  • Scar. HE KILLED SIMBA'S DAD. I think I've said enough.
  • Light Yagami. For all of you who don't know, he's the main character of Death Note who decides to rid the world of criminals by killing them all with the Death Note. He kills so many people. Like Voldemort. And he works side-by-side the detective trying to figure out who he is. 
  • Ozai and Azula. They're half of a crazy family. Ursa and Zuko are mostly sane. The insane father-daughter duo on the other hand want to burn all of the Earth Kingdom's precious hope to the ground.
  • Count Olaf. He's a greedy, evil man from The Series of Unfortunate Events. He will stop at nothing to get his hands on that money. It's terrible.
  • Darth Vader. Is there really something that I have to say about him to convince you guys that he's one of the best villains?
I think from that list there is a tie between Snow, Voldy, Light, and Ozai/Azula. If anyone reads this, VOTE. Tell me which one is the best in the comments and why. Maybe I'll even put up a poll on the sidebar.

President Snow

Light Yagami
Ozai and Azula

Someone has suggested that tomorrow I should do the most epic heroes. And so I shall. Be prepared, children. (Hey, Be Prepared is the name of the song that Scar sings.)

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