Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Haiku is a somewhat annoying form of poetry.

Haiku can be fun
when you're writing paragraphs
for your science class.

But they're not really
paragraphs anymore if
they're really haiku.

My ex-wife, Libby
once did a blog post using
only haiku. Hi.

That last haiku was
a super mega fail at

It's been a while
since I wrote haiku. I hope
I don't mess up much.

I like waffles. They
are amazingly delish.
Who has a waffle?

I want it to be
August forever because
of a calendar

that I have that is
Harry Potter themed. August
is Draco Malfoy.

Draco Malfoy is
played by Tom Felton. He's a
an eight on a scale

of one (an ugly)
to Bill Kaulitz. And Bill is
super prettyful.

I mean, look at that
picture above. He's gorgeous.
His hair really is.

I'm writing a play
as many of you know. It
is really fab. Yeah.

My thumb hurts. I don't
remember when I hurt it,
but now it's bruised. Yeah.

The ugly carpet
in my basement is now gone.
Mostly. It was all

moldy and gross and
smelly, so my mom ripped it
out. I had to touch

it because my mom
is mean and ew I touched mold.
It was so nasty.

Mockingjay comes out
in twenty days as of right
when I'm writing this.

I'm just rambling,
so I think I will stop now,
end your misery.

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