Monday, August 9, 2010

I have been told to blog about animes. And so I shall.

Recently, I can't think of anything to blog about. At least, anything that seems worthwhile. For example, today I was standing in the shower (because that's where I get all my good ideas) and I was all 'EUREKA! I shall blog about all the things that you can do with nail polish.' And then I realized that that was stupid and it would take forever to think of everything, though I do have a pretty decent list going.

So today, I shall talk about animes because someone told me to. First, I was told to talk about my favorite, to which I responded, THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE. And them my top three. Also impossible. I decided top five works. :D Because that's the number of animes that I've watched completely through (except for one that still counts because I stopped like, four episodes from the end and I hated the new characters they brought in when one died).

NUMBER ONE! Rozen Maiden. I totally cried at the end because of one of my favorite characters. It's about this one dude, Jun(-kun!) who is a total hermit because he freaked out right before his high school entrance exams or whatever. He lives with his sister, Nori, because his parents are overseas doing something. He likes to buy dumb voo-doo type things on the internet, and then return them right before the return date. So he was all buying some weird doll thing or something. And then it randomly popped up in his room and when he wound it, it was alive. Her name was Shinku and she's a doll made by this doll maker named Rozen who is trying to create the perfect doll and the seven dolls that he's made have to battle it out. And it's so sad and hilarious how half of the dolls become a dysfunctional family with Jun and Nori.

NUMBER TWO! Ouran High School Host Club. Good golly. Host Club is hilarious because they all pretend they're a family. There's Haruhi(child) who everyone thinks is a guy at first (actually, only the other Host Club members end up knowing) but is really a chick. Then there's Tamaki(father) who she totally possibly maybe hooked up with at the end. There's also Kyouya(mother) who is the vice-president of the host club. He's amazingly epic and has epic glasses. Then there are the twins, Hikaru and Kaoru(childrens) and they're mischievous and have twincest. And there's also the cousins, Hunny and Mori(more childrens). Hunny's a senior-type thing at the school, but he's really short and adorable and loves his bunny. Mori's like his body-guard or whatever, though he really doesn't need one. Hunny's got some mad kung-foo skillz.

NUMBER THREE! Umishou. Also known as Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umishou. It's about this swim teamy team that is all fabulous and then there's a new student who is like a freaking fish. Also, the show seems to be obsessed with boobs, but it's totally hilarious. That is all.

NUMBER FOUR! La Corda D'Oro. It's about this music school and there's a music faerie and our (mostly main) character, Hino Kahoko, is the only person that can see the faerie, and the faerie gives her a magical violin. And then she's shoved into this music tournament with some of the most beautiful anime characters ever, Yunoki Azuma, Hihara ???, and Tsukimori ???. Good gods are they fabulous. They are feature in this lovely photo-drawing thing. Yunoki is Mr. Purple Hair and he plays the flute. Hihara is the light green-haired dude—trumpet. Tsukimori is the angsty blue haired dude who also plays the violin. It's all very angsty and all the guys have the hots for Hino, but none of them really admit it and the show really leaves us hanging, though there's supposed to be a second season and there are only two episodes. The second came out last June. >.<>

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Wallet said...

aah I need to rewatch RM @_@ and I was actually thinking about watching host club or La Corda. yay!