Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gay living guys are pretty fabulous too. (Actually, they're a lot more than fabulous.)

So I decided that since I have nothing better to blog about and I'm on a roll with the gay guys, I'm going to blog about LIVING gay guys! The list includes an American Idol runner up, an infamous villain, the kindest, sexiest, most beautiful wizard I've ever met, Jefree Star, a former member of one of the most epic bands ever that broke up in January of this year, Chris Crocker, and the former president of Zimbabwe.

Starting out with my favorite—Adam Lambert. He is the most fabulous person ever. Since the beginning of that season on American Idol, I was all OH MY GOD HE IS SO FABULOUS I WANT HIM TO WIN AND HAVE MY BABIES. Y'know, the usual thing you think when you think someone is super fabulous. He has really weird thumbs. Did I mention that my grandmother, Gigi once commented when he was singing on some show saying 'Y'know, too bad he's gay.' and then she sighed all depressed like, and I was like O_O. His music is wonderful and he is beautiful. He's a nine on a scale of one to Bill Kaulitz (who apparently is not gay, though everyone thinks he is). That is all.

I don't think that people will think that this really works with this group (choose the one that does not fit) BUTTTT..... Dumbledore is alive if you read books one through six, skipping the end of the sixth. And my teachers always told me that for books, it's always the present tense. For example, even though you've already read the whole series and found out that he died, if you're talking about Dumbedore's fabulousness level, you would say 'Dumbledore HAS a fabulousness level of a billion on the Richter scale.' rather than 'Dumbledore HAD a fabulousness level of a billion of the Richter scale.' Get it? That was today's English lesson, children.

Neil Patrick Harris is quite amazing. I mean, he is DR. HORRIBLE. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, children, go shoot yourself in the foot and then go get Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog from the library.) He is fabulous and also stars in How I Met Your Mother which is not as hilarious. How I Met Your Mother is greater than Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (stupid coding stuff won't let me have a greater than sign. His arch-nemesis is Captain Hammer (the hammer is not his fist....who is brave enough to figure out what it is?) who steals his love interest who is actually a chick which doesn't make sense because he's gay and I'm talking about the fabulousnessnessness gayness of all these fabulous living gay guys. Moving on.

I bet all of you are wondering 'Who is the former member of the fabulous band that is now broken up?'. Well it's your lucky day. You get to find out in THREE. TWO. ONE. Luminor. He is fabulous and has a really manly voice but looks like a drag queen in a good way. He is a former member of a former band from Germany known as Cinema Bizarre. Strify is
the lead singer and he is almost as beautiful as Bill Kaulitz. I give Strify a 9.5 on the Bill Kaulitz scale of amazingness. Surprisingly, Bill Kaulitz is also German. Moving back on topic to the gay guy I'm supposed to be talking about. So he was in the band for a while and then dropped out for reasons that ex-wuffles and I have determined to have unresolvable inner conflicts (wiki said it. I'm not lying. Go there now and look. It's a little ways down.) Either that or he was sick or something. Whatever. He was the second singer and in all the music videos he looked amazingly creepy. His replacement, Romeo is not as fabulous and straight and he has a really creepy nose.

All I know about Jefree Star is that he's fabulous and interviewed Cinema Bizarre at one point and the interviews were pretty amazing.

Chric Crocker. He's the guy that everyone heard about a few years ago because he was all 'LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!'. All I know is that one of my friends thinks (or at least thought) that it was really heartfelt and not for attention and that he's cool.

I've saved the best one for last. The former president of Zimbabwe. His last name is Banana I believe. He had affairs with his chef, gardener, and his body guard. Once news got out that he was gay, he fled the country. How beautiful is that? I bet it's illegal to be gay and the president of Zimbabwe at the same time. The multitasking must be difficult. This shatters all my hopes and dreams, though, because I wanted to grow up and be gay and the president of Zimbabwe. Ah well, we can't always get what we want. D:

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