Monday, August 2, 2010

What is wrong with the world?

I know I can be a terrible person, and other people can be terrible as well, but it's just so horrible what some people say. And most of them don't even realize what they're saying.

For example, I was playing World of Warcraft today. I know that that is the epitome of nerdiness, but I embrace it. Anyway, I was just starting out with pick up group, doing a dungeon. They had all been killed, and this one guy was just throwing around really horrible insults like they were smilies or 'lol's. Every time someone accidentally did something that pulled a group of baddies toward us, he would say something along the lines of 'U STUPID FAG!' or 'DUM NIGGER'. I asked him calmly if he knew what that meant and if he knew if they applied to us. I was promptly kicked from the group. That is the kind of person that should never reproduce.

And it's sad that that has happened several times over. I really think that people should watch what they say because it's insulting to some people. I know that little kids (like my little brother) play World of Warcraft and they tend to copy what other people say and do. Those people should know that they're teaching innocent children who could grow up to be kind and intelligent people.

The internet's just a terrible place for kids because of all these people who don't realize what they're doing and that it'll be open for anyone to see.

That was my emo post of the week.

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Wallet said...

unfortunately people like that never learn -___- how awesome of them