Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Friday the thirteenth!

If you have not ever seen a meteor shower in your young/old life, I command you to immediately go watch one the next time one's all meteory. And make sure to bring a half billion of your friends because it definitely would not have been as fun as it was without them.

I officially love my little brother because of what he made me promise before I left. "Erin, promise me that if one of the meteors falls and you catch it, you'll bring it home so that we can make a space sword." How beautiful is that? Coolest little boy ever.

I love Friday the thirteenth. It seems to always be a lucky day for me. I'm waiting for something fabulous to happen. I guess seeing that meteor shower was pretty fabulous, but I need MOAR.

...Several hours later...

DURN IT. Nothing. Ah, well, there's always the next time.

Ten days until Mockingjay comes out. I am super mega epically GEEKED OUT.

Less than a month until school starts. I'm thinking that I'll be blogging every other day during the school week and then both Saturday and Sunday.

Because I am a lazy person and I got only an hour of sleep last night (while on the lumpy ground and mosquitoes were buzzing in my ear) and a few earlier today for a nap, I am not going to blog any more. I may or may not have a long post tomorrow because some relative-y type people are in town and we are hanging with them.

I will end with this lovely picture that my wife (she's not my ex-wife anymore!) linked me to.

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Wallet said...

that's awesome xD and lololol space sword. and it was my lucky day too :D