Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ideas are good and bad. It depends on when you have them.

This blog post probably won't be very long since I'm trying to completely plot out a new idea.

I would like to say that Mockingjay has definitely left a lasting impression on me. It keeps popping into my head and making me want to cry.

As for my new idea, I'll say that it's set in the future along with just about everything I write about. And it's set in the AIR. I'll let y'alls figure that one out for yourselves.

I have to babysit tomorrow. It's 1:45. I have to get up by at least 11:30. I am depressed.

Twelve days until school starts.

If anyone actually reads this besides my mother, I want some opinions on names. I know they're not the most normal things, but I like them and I want to see if other people do as well.

So post a comment on here with if you like them, if they fit together and which ones suck/don't suck the most. 
That is all. I need my beauty rest.

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Hart Johnson said...

I think I like Chora, Lua, and Chemil best. Reata is good. My only advice on naming is not to have different characters named too similarly.

The only one I DON'T really care for is Igno, and it's because it trips up my tongue when I say it out loud.