Sunday, August 1, 2010

I have become a failure at blagging.

I was all 'I'M GOING TO BLAG EVERY DAY AND BE THE COOLEST PERSON IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!!!!'. Not. But I'm trying. It's better than a few times a month.

In other news... (can you tell that I like that saying?) I watched The Matrix for the first time ever. I feel like a bad nerd. I kinda hated it and loved it at the same time. The part I hated was all the gross parts that I'm a total wimp about. Like the thingy in the back of their heads and the goo and the injury thingys. I loved all the actiony stuff and the chases and junk. But I also hated the parts that were SOOOOOOO CONFUSING. It's like they created it just to try to be mysterious.

It's officially the first day of August now. It's my uncle's birthday. (HAPPY BRITHDAY, UNCLE BRIAN! :D) And according to my mother, a billion other people's birthdays and anniversaries. Yesterday was Harry Potter's birthday along with my (ready for a long list of relations?) mom's best friend's niece's newborn son's birthday. I saw him in the hospital today. He's so cute.

Last night (meaning Friday night), there was my brother's swim team banquet. It was funish. I got a paper plate award even though I wasn't on the team (I just filled in when they needed me.) and I'm actually considering joining the team (again) next year. It was a little bogus when we got to the swimming part. (The first half is the banquet and paper plate awards while we wait for the pool to empty from regular people who go there. At eight, the pool closes to the public, and we swim from eight to ten. It used to be until midnight, but most people left around eleven, so they switched it so that they wouldn't have to pay the lifeguards so much.) The slide was broken. And that's half of the fun of the swimming part. (The other half is the watermelon.) I mean, we can do all the stuff we can't during the day. We can do trains, we can climb up the slide, we can walk down, etc. But not tonight. We couldn't even go down without the water going.

On a completely different note, one of the 851 anagrams for my full name is Bra Nine Hug. How beautiful is that?

Why does my brain not function when I'm not chatting with people? And why is everyone getting off all of a sudden? It's really depressing.

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